Beatport Launches Beatport Studio to Encourage Musical Creativity


Beatport, the global leader in music for DJs, producers, and their fans, today unveiled Beatport Studio, a production membership that consolidates The Beatport Group’s producer ecosystem’s creative genius.

Beatport Studio is a significant step forward in the domain of music production, combining a varied choice of innovative instruments and effects from the Plugin Boutique catalog, vast sample libraries from Loopmasters, and the user-friendly workflow of Loopcloud.

About Beatport Studio

Beatport Studio, built on a flexible and cost-effective model, includes everything a producer needs to create, extend, and refine their production style.

Members have the opportunity to make selections and rotate their choices every 30 days, encouraging experimentation and the discovery of tools that fit with their creative vision, thanks to an ever-expanding portfolio of plugins.

According to Beatport’s own research of its global DJ community, more than 60% of DJs are also producers, implying a vast potential addressable market for the Beatport Studio offering.

Beatport Studio marks a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering music producers worldwide. We’ve harnessed the collective creative strength of Beatport’s Producer Group to deliver an integrated production marketplace that reflects our dedication to innovation and flexibility to ensure our users are at the forefront of shaping the sonic landscape. – Robb McDaniels, CEO of The Beatport Group

Beatport Studio
Beatport Studio

An impressive lineup of plugins

Beatport Studio places an emphasis on creative instruments, ensuring that users play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sound. It boasts an impressive lineup of plugins from established industry titans such as Baby Audio, UJAM, and Applied Acoustic Systems, as well as emerging innovators such as Lunacy Audio, Klevgrand, and Excite Audio.

‘Frozen State’ technology allows rotational plugins to continue to function properly within a project when users swap plugins during an active project. The Beatport Studio membership is designed to encourage experimentation and artistic expression while placing no restrictions.

It’s an exciting time for music producers. We’re proud to bring a new dimension to the industry by combining flexibility and choice, ultimately enriching the creative experience for our users. Beatport Studio is more than a membership; it’s a gateway to a vast world of sound, right at your fingertips. – Gareth Halsall, VP of Beatport’s Producer Group

Loopcloud Sounds plugin

The Loopcloud Sounds plugin gives Beatport Studio users access to hundreds of thousands of meticulously handpicked sounds. Browsing takes occur directly within one’s digital audio workstation (DAW), expediting the sample finding process and allowing users to focus their efforts on creative endeavors. Loopcloud’s extensive royalty-free sample library was meticulously developed and recorded by some of the world’s most innovative sound designers, musicians, and vocalists. The curators are constantly adding to the collection, which spans a wide range of genres and styles. Beatport Studio also includes two digital audio workstations (DAW): Bitwig Studio 8-Track and Cubase LE.

Beatport Studio has been deliberately built to provide the necessary tools for the creative process. Beatport Studio provides everything needed to create music, whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your existing collection of sounds and plugins.