CDJ-3000s now let you stream from Beatport: no more USBs

DJs can play tracks live from the streaming service via the flagship multiplayer

CDJ-3000 update introduces StreamingDirectPlay support for Beatport Streaming
CDJ-3000 update introduces StreamingDirectPlay support for Beatport Streaming

Today, AlphaTheta Corporation released a significant new firmware update (version 3.0) for the CDJ-3000 multiplayer from the Pioneer DJ brand.

This upgrade, which supports StreamingDirectPlay, is available for download now.

If you subscribe to Beatport Streaming’s Professional or Advanced subscription, this new feature will allow you to explore and play tracks live from the whole Beatport Streaming collection.

Additionally, you will be able to mix tracks from Beatport Streaming with those from rekordbox CloudDirectPlay for a more streamlined and efficient DJ workflow.

Tracks from Beatport Streaming can be played directly from the CDJ-3000.

You can browse the platform’s enormous 11+ Million song catalog of electronic music and play tracks on up to 4 CDJ-3000 devices connected to the PRO DJ LINK Network if you simply log in to your Beatport Streaming Professional or Advanced plan1 from a CDJ-3000.

The Beatport Streaming platform allows you to play tracks on up to 4 CDJ-3000 units simultaneously.

You can pick from the most recent releases, navigate through a variety of categories, and retrieve playlists that were previously saved to your own Beatport account.

When you put a track into the CDJ-3000, it will automatically analyze its grid. This will allow you to quickly comprehend the progression of the music via the waveform display and make exact beat matching and mixing using functions such as Quantize and Beat Sync.

And if you’re using a mixer that supports Touch Preview in the PRO DJ LINK network, such as the DJM-A9, DJM-V10, or DJM-900NXS2, you can listen to Beatport Streaming tracks before ever loading them to the CDJ-3000.

This makes track selection much quicker and more seamless than it would be otherwise.

1The audio quality is different for each Beatport Streaming subscription option due to the following factors: The Professional package offers 256 kbp/s of AAC while the Advanced plan offers 128 kbp/s.

CDJ-3000 Tutorial - StreamingDirectPlay Support for Beatport Streaming

Effortless workflow made possible by connectivity with the cloud

Beatport Streaming integrates faultlessly with rekordbox CloudDirectPlay, a function that gives users the ability to play music downloaded directly from the cloud. This makes for an even more streamlined workflow.

When music is loaded into the player, information such as BPM and key information, as well as waveforms assessed by rekordbox, are communicated to the player.

Because any Hot Cues or Memory Cues that you update will also be uploaded to the cloud, you will always have access to the most recent version of your Rekordbox library from anywhere in the globe, regardless of whether you are logged in via a PC/Mac or a CDJ-3000.

In addition, the screen of the CDJ-3000 allows the user to do all browsing and track selection functions.

This allows you to combine tracks straight from Beatport Streaming with those from playlists that have been previously uploaded to the cloud using rekordbox.

This provides you with the greatest amount of versatility when it comes to the track selection, and it does so without the need to connect a PC or Mac to the DJ setup.

2Before using the service, users will need to upload the analyzed track information from rekordbox to the cloud.
3Users of the rekordbox Free and Core subscriptions are restricted in the number of playlists and tracks that they can synchronize with the cloud storage service. Unlimited synchronization is available with both the Creative and Professional plans.