biskuwi Cause I Grew Up Manual Music

biskuwi drops melodic techno gem ‘Cause I Grew Up’

Manual Music welcomes Swedish talent biskuwi for deep / techno gem ‘Cause I Grew Up’ part of the label's free download series.

After years of services, Soundcloud is still the place to find the best music from upcoming artists; this is the case of Stockholm-based biskuwi who has debuted on Manual Music with ‘Cause I Grew Up’.

Part of Manual’s free download series, ‘Cause I Grew Up’ is a deep and dedicated song with an eye on the melodic techno environment. Kicking off with a soft piano melody, the track rapidly set the tempo with a minimal but effective kicks’ loop. Suspended in a limbo between chill and relaxing vibes and hard percussions, ‘Cause I Grew Up’ is a perfect mix of both musical genres. Thanks to its mesmerizing melody, marked around half of the track’s length, ‘Cause I Grew Up’ builds up emotions you didn’t think you have.

Only a month ago biskuwi has released another wonderful tune. Following Tale Of Us’ melodic techno legacy, biskuwi presented Salve and, rapidly after, Occidens.

If you want a name to keep an eye on, biskuwi would be our choice.

‘Cause I Grew Up’ is out now on Manual Music for free. You can save your copy following this link or check below for the full stream.