Innervisions welcomes back Rampa with ‘They Will’ EP

Keinemusik's Rampa delivers his eagerly awaited WhoMadeWho collab ‘Tell Me Are We’, together with three new tunes, in the form of ‘They Will’ EP

Making a hotly-anticipated return to the Innervisions fold two years on from his acclaimed EP ‘Hall Of Violence’, Keinemusik founder Rampa also reveals a stunning return to form. His impeccable programming of club-ready beats, complex melodies and both sung and spoken words are at the very core of They Will EP.

79249 Intro is a moody, suspenseful appetizer, beginning with tiny elements which gradually increase in intensity. Rampa’s micro percussions, fragmented handclaps, and a deeply submerged bass loop build in increments from distorted fog to clarity. Layers of tapping and clicking accents lift up a spoken refrain that is variably compressed, stretched and distorted. Animalistic sounds call out of the void to howl at the moon and add splashes of midnight birdsong. At the point of peak, the arrangement once again recedes into the pitch black from where it emerged.

rampa whomadewho tell me are we

The creeping subtlety of the opening track ends onceThey Will bolts out of the gate. It’s built upon the tension of a tough oscillating bassline that flickers and shifts through rising and falling notes. The sounds of collapsing structures, bubbling molten metal and feverish high hats add edgy angles; Rampa’s competing time signatures increase the kinetic energy. Elements of shimmering ride cymbals and sci-fi synth pad strings rise and drop out at sharp junctions, like the masterful pulling and pushing of levers.

Rampa’s collaboration with Danish maestros WhoMadeWho, Tell Me Are We, is a triumph of emotionally-driven music production which has already caught the ears of the world’s best selectors. WhoMadeWho’s Tomas Høffding hits high notes and high emotions, over a snaking deep-tech beat. The result is a symphony of chattering cymbals, epic soaring vocals, and electronic pop mastery. The sultry shimmy of Lavender Boogie closes out this quartet. Driven by tropical bongos, syncopated handclaps, and cosmic chords, its slinky midtempo feel completes the rich palette of Rampa’s newest creation.

Buy or stream Rampa’s ‘They Will’ EP at this link.