Black Fancy
Black Fancy

The Martinez Brothers invite Black Fancy to Cuttin’ Headz

All the way from Parma, Italy, Black Fancy has been working in the Italian house scene since his first release in 2017. The last few years, though, have been really big for him. He received regular backing from Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, and The Martinez Brothers. He was named one of 1001 Tracklist’s “Future Of Dance 2022” artists at the same time as a big launch on Jones’ Hottrax.

The Martinez Brothers invite Black Fancy to Cuttin’ Headz for his label debut as he drops his ‘Obrigado’ EP

After a busy summer, he keeps things moving with his first release on The Martinez Brothers’ well-known Cuttin’ Headz imprint, “Obrigado.”

The title track “Obrigado” features a lot of Latin influence. The song features catchy guitar melodies, crisp percussion grooves, and female vocals that will get people moving.

The “Dub” mix turns up the energy and goes into darker territory with slinking drums and a zigzagging bassline.

As a final treat, “Acid Waves” adds more heat to the dancefloor with its sharp kicks, zippy synths, and bright stabs.

The Martinez Brothers and their impressive Cuttin’ Headz imprint have grown stronger. The label brings together a growing community of artists and creatives around the world.

It is now without a doubt the best place to find the smooth, powerful house music that the Bronx legends are famous for.

Black Fancy’s meteoric rise in the Italian house scene can be attributed to a diverse musicality showcased in acclaimed releases like ‘Obrigado’ EP. With support from industry heavyweights and key label debuts, their journey is marked by a unique blend of Latin influences and exploration of darker sonic territories.

2023 has been The Martinez Brothers and Cuttin’ Headz year

On December 8, 2023, Cuttin’ Headz teamed up with Más Tiempo at the Factory Town Miami for a massive label party. The Martinez Brothers led the party together with Skepta. They showed off a lot of different artists including Beltran back-to-back Classmatic, Jammer, Fleur Shore, and Natalia Roth.

The Martinez Brothers’ amazing rise to the top of DJ Mag’s list of the top 100 DJs of 2023 added to their fame.

The Bronx brothers solidified their position as major players in the world’s music scene. They moved up an amazing 40 spots to the 60th spot.

2023 has been a busy year for the duo. It included a great residency in Ibiza, appearances at festivals around the world, and important releases on their Cuttin’ Headz imprint.