Body Ocean remix Steve Angello and Pusha T ‘Freedom’

Steve Angello studio new song
Steve Angello

SIZE Records has dropped a powerful new remix of Steve Angello‘s “Freedom” (from HUMAN album) starring Pusha T by the electrifying duo Body Ocean. The release is a celebration of 20 years of musical innovation.

“Freedom” is a great example of how well Body Ocean can combine the track’s original energy with their own deep and rhythmic style. They honor Angello’s work with this version, which also brings it to the dance floors of today with new energy and a modern twist.

Body Ocean, these guys are the real deal in sound craftsmanship. They dive right into the essence of sound, twisting and turning it through some serious processing. They’re not just making beats – they’re sculpting them, examining every detail on a spectrogram. This is how they create those deep, impactful drums and baselines – Steve Angello

The beats from Body Ocean and Pusha T’s rhythm make for a strong and engrossing vibe.

With the release of “Freedom (Body Ocean Remix),” SIZE Records shows that it is still committed to changing the way electronic music is made. Fans are welcome to hear a new take on a modern classic that fits with the label’s long history.

SIZE is celebrating its XX Anniversary. The celebrations peaked last year at Tomorrowland with the takeover of Freedom stage. The XX Anniversary celebrations continue with a series of remixes of SIZE and Steve Angello’s classic. Boddy Ocean’s Freedom remix is just the latest of them.