Steve Angello “The Ocean” gets Still Young and BRØMANCE remix

Steve Angello Reinvigorates "The Ocean" with a Fresh Remix by Still Young & BRØMANCE

Steve Angello HUMAN
Steve Angello HUMAN

SIZE Records is happy to present a revitalized remix of Steve Angello’s 2015 legendary track “The Ocean,” produced by Still Young and BRØMANCE and featuring Saturday Monday and Julia Spada.

The renowned original is transformed into a progressive house masterpiece in this arrangement, brimming with beautiful harmony and a touch of nostalgia that wraps listeners in a trance of the rhythmic ocean of sound.

Steve Angello Reinvigorates “The Ocean” with a Fresh Remix by Still Young & BRØMANCE

Still Young brings a long history of work with SIZE Records to the table, embodying a profound awareness and command of the nuances that constitute the iconic label’s sonic lineage.

In collaboration with BRØMANCE, the duo expands on this understanding to create a remix that is both innovative and genuinely reverent to the original essence of “The Ocean.”

The outcome is a symbiotic combination of classical and contemporary components that appeals to both old and new enthusiasts.

About Still Young

The dance music industry occasionally has a visionary who challenges traditions and expands its horizons. Still Young is that visionary. The dance music culture has shaped Still Young’s career, and Steve Angello has always supported him.

Still Young has charmed millions with her skill and diverse inventiveness. They frequently rank in Beatport’s Top 10 with Size Records’ most significant releases. Their rendition of Bob Marley’s “Is This Love” has over 8.5 million Spotify plays, demonstrating their musical talent.

Still Young has a purpose behind anonymity. Instead of fancy haircuts or masks, they focus on the music’s capacity to touch your spirit and redefine high-quality electronic dance music. They will release innovative tracks soon due to their unwavering studio drive. In late 2023, the world will discover Still Young’s mysterious talents. More music, exciting performances, and a bold new vision are coming.

Still Young
Still Young


BRØMANCE is the collaboration of French DJ/producers Almero and Heero. After the epidemic, they continued on a musical voyage fueled by love, passion, and energy, sloganed “BLINDED BY LOVE.”

Inspired by progressive house’s golden age, BRØMANCE honors Swedish House Mafia and Avicii. They connect musical periods by blending nostalgic influences with modern, dynamic sounds.

The duo’s 2021 remix of Sidekick’s “Deep Fear” received over 1.5 million streams and encouragement from DJs including David Guetta. They’ll enchant audiences again with their remix of Steve Angello’s “The Ocean,” alongside Canadian duet Still Young.