Jake Kaiser

Jake Kaiser presents 3-track EP, ‘Barracuda’

US DJ and producer Jake Kaiser drops the second release in 2022, this time a 3-track EP in the form of Barracuda, a cinematic and melodic techno journey.

The EP kicks off with the title track, Barracuda which features a clean and intimate arpeggio as the opening. The wide beat flow through mysterious hypnotic vibes and vague sound elements. The track is a continuous progression of emotions that stops for a very short time in the middle of the tune to reach the peak time rapidly after.

On an opposite note, Half Moon Bay introduces soft and minimal lines paired with clean beats and smooth arpeggios. The plucked top main theme perfectly merged with synth-driven bars complete the incredible record.

Last but not least, Onyx introduces raw and more industrial bassline. On top of that, yeat confidential melodic lines and romantic harmonies. The fast percussive progressions create a sensation of rush and hurry.

Jake Kaiser is a San Francisco-based producer and DJ. He innovatively and freshly blends the sounds of deep, progressive, and melodic house, with a strong emphasis on atmospheres and melodies. Kaiser is heavily influenced by nature and incorporates his personal adventures and travels into his work via field recordings, live instrumentation, and analog gear. You surely remind him because his incredible Zelda-inspire tune Korok DreamsIn August 2020 he also landed on Nora En Pure’s imprint Purified with Pai EP.

Jake Kaiser 3-track EP Barracuda is out now via Cinematique.