Matisse & Sadko return with ‘Promise You’

With dreamy vocals and an exhilarating drop, this song is another joyful classic.

Matisse & Sadko
Matisse & Sadko

The kings of progressive house, Matisse & Sadko, have unveiled their brand-new song, “Promise You,” which was just published on Tomorrowland Music.

A dreaming-progressive house gem with beautiful vocals, a magnificent melody, and a delirious drop has been produced by the brothers in collaboration with Canadian vocalist Justin J. Moore. ‘Promise You’ perfectly captures Matisse & Sadko’s distinctive brand of sensitive yet joyful and hard-hitting progressive dance music.

Promise You‘ is available right now across all platforms.

This is the kind of a track which conveys the full spectrum of our emotions to the world. It’s a very important track for us and we hope our fans are as happy as we are, because we constantly read the comments and we see it was a really anticipated one. – Matisse & Sadko

After releasing “Relight My Love,” “Feeling,” and “Lefka,” Matisse & Sadko have established themselves as some of the most original and exciting producers in the electronic dance music business. This is their fourth single under Tomorrowland’s banner. ‘Promise You’ is finally available for download for the entire world to enjoy after nearly two years of playing it out, including throughout their concerts at Tomorrowland in 2022 and 2023.