Otto Knows Tomorrowland Music
Otto Knows Tomorrowland Music

Otto Knows starts 2024 with progressive gem ‘Your Love’

Otto Knows’ latest release on Tomorrowland Music is “Your Love.” The track features quality house production, uplifting piano chords, and euphoric vocals, maintaining his signature style.

Otto Knows, a Swedish house producer, has released his first song of the year today on Tomorrowland Music. It’s called “Your Love.”

Otto Knows has made a name for himself in the world of electronic dance music with his happy and uplifting sound. With hit songs like “Million Voices” on Refune and “Next To Me,” he has won the hearts of millions of people and gained devoted fans all over the world.

As always with Otto Knows, the brand-new song “Your Love” has the magical touch that we love.

It has quality house production, piano chords, an upbeat mood, and euphoric vocals, making it an emotional hit.

“Your Love” is made for clubs, events, and the headphones and speakers of people all over the world who love dance music.

When “Pyramids” came out on Tomorrowland Music in 2022, Otto Knows’ career took a break for three years and then began a new phase. Together with the retro feel and fitting voices, Otto’s new style of house music works really well these days.

The seventh song by Otto Knows on Tomorrowland’s imprint is “Your Love.” The others are “Pyramids,” “Lover,” “Randomize,” “Rosa,” “Say It To Me,” and “Be Somebody.”