MAXI MERAKI debuts on Spinnin’ Deep with ‘Dare Your Move’


With the unveiling of his newest guaranteed smash song, Dare Your Move, prominent Belgian producer MAXI MERAKI maintains his incredible streak of top-notch studio output following the impressive international success of his most recent Tsona and Hayibo EP.

Following a string of critically lauded albums on labels including Nervous Records, Sudam Recordings, Go Deeva, and Tensnake’s True Romance Records, MAXI MERAKI’s debut on the venerable Dutch imprint, Spinnin’ Deep, is now available on Dare Your Move.

Over the course of its rolling, eight-minute length, Dare Your Move ebbs and flows with great expertise. It is a wonderfully judged, melodic dance track with the kind of slow-burning beat that truly gets crowds going.

One of the standout tracks of 2022 is produced by the internationally renowned Belgian artist, who has received strong support from some of the biggest tastemakers in electronic music, including Solomun, Desiree, Malone, and Adam Ten, to name a few. The Pointer Sisters’ sample lyrics from Dave Armstrong’s iconic anthem Make Your Move are used.

MAXI MERAKI said on his much awaited Spinnin’ Deep debut:

Since I’ve only been producing my own tracks for three years, landing on the Spinnin’ imprint is a dream come true, even if it does sound a bit clichéd. You just have to believe in your sound and dare to send it to labels and artists. “Baby, make your move, step across the line… – MAXI MERAKI

Dare Your Move by MAXI MERAKI is currently available on Spinnin’ Deep.