The Weeknd and Justice on Mike Dean's Instagram post
The Weeknd and Justice on Mike Dean's Instagram post

The Weeknd teases new music or collaboration with Justice

The Weeknd and Justice seem to be hinting at a possible collaboration or joint performance. Fans are guessing and looking forward to what will happen after seeing posts on social media.

Maybe this is the start of a groundbreaking musical partnership, or maybe a surprise show is on the way.

The Weeknd posted a picture of Justice on his social media. Mike Dean, who works with both artists, added to the Instagram story by sharing a picture of Justice and The Weeknd together. Online rumors are full of people who want to know what this surprise union could mean for the music scene. Mike Dean also collaborated with the Swedish House Mafia.

Fans talk about The Weeknd’s history with Coachella. They remember his powerful show on the main stage and expressing excitement for a possible return. Online conversations sparked about the chance for the artists to work together, both in the studio and on stage.

Fans are eagerly waiting for more information. They want to know if this is a hint at a new collaboration, a show together, or maybe an appearance at the upcoming Coachella festival.

Justice are rumored to play at Coachella 2024.

The Weeknd and Justice are dropping hints on social media, sparking speculation about a potential collaboration or joint show. Fans eagerly await more details on this intriguing connection between the two acclaimed artists.