PREMIERE: Marco V x Vision 20/20 new banger ‘PU/RE’

Marco V Vision 20/20
Marco V Vision 20/20

Marco V returns with his Vision 20/20 alias showcasing another banging techno single in the form of PU/RE, the fourth release for this new project.

We have featured Marco V and his new project Vision 20/20 back in January when he dropped HU/NT, which has been the second single from the new alias. Having debuted with Vision 20/20 back in 2020 with HO/PE the new project aimed to focus on more techno and melodic aspect of electronic music. With long melodic arpeggio and hard and intensive percussive beats, the tune three single already released all follow this thread.

Now, we are proud to bring you the latest addition of Vision 20/20 discography, set to be released tomorrow.

PU/RE perfectly merges the two opposite musical styles we were describing before. Kicking off with this obscure and dark baseline filled with industrial and mysterious beats, PU/RE continues with a hypnotic and non-stop rolling ryhtyhm. The main progressive arpeggio opens up into and dreamy and surreal breakdown where an unceasing crescendo amasses energy to deliver it in one shot on the drop. Vision 20/20 PU/RE is a continuous rise of soothing soundscapes and gloomy vibrations for an astonishing sound experience.

Synths start tip-toeing underneath in looking for the arena’s sweet spot, progressing bit by bit until a strobe-lit melody reigns in awe, the place now packed to the rafters as the head of trance’s church takes another bow.

Marco V x Vision 20/20 PU/RE will be out tomorrow. You can stream and download the tune below or by following this link.