Robbie Rivera

Robbie Rivera drops new single ‘Hydro’ on Juicy Music

House music legend Robbie Rivera is back with electronic new single Hydro on his own Juicy Music imprint.

Having released an insane amount of music this year, including a brand new 10-track long album, Robbie Rivera is now ready to unveil to the world his new single. Hydro is something new for Rivera; forget about his techy and house-driven signature sound; Hydro is a mix of melodic house and techno elements in a perfect mix of different music genres.

Kicking off with a clean melodic arpeggio, the track rapidly puts the basement for a wide and catchy first drop. The minimal and clean beat that flows through the first part follows today’s trend of relaxing and intimate vibes merged together with deep and techno-oriented kicks. This time tho, Robbie Rivera injected his progressive-house signature sound with a wide and very impressive main synth. From the euphoric vibes to the minimal percussions, Hydro is a perfect blend of music genres that collide together.

From his debut to Insomniac this year and various other tunes that have peaked with the Changes album, 2020 has been a packed year for Robbie, even without gigs.

Juicy Music, his label, has continued to deliver high-quality house music tune pushing the standards higher on every new release.

Robbie Rivera Hydro is currently out now worldwide via Juicy Music. You can download it here or check below for the steam.