Stranger Souma returns with new single ‘Lucid Feather’

Stranger Souma
Stranger Souma

Marking her first single in 2022, Lucid Feather is another great record by Stranger Souma on Sirup Music.

Kicking off with a dynamic beat and clean percussions, the cinematic melodic lines flow through the record. The atmospheric harmonies float on emotional arpeggios paired with an ethereal vocal; it creates a feeling of carefree and well-being exploding on the wonderful drop. The hypnotic sounds’ elements perfectly collide with the soft and romantic lines creating a mix between deep and melodic techno music.

Stranger Souma is not new to these kinds of sounds. In the past, she released Over You, a clean melodic techno gem as well as an incredible remix of Billie Eilish’s Everything I Wanted. She’s now back with Lucid Feather and its great atmospheric vibe that gets carried immensely well by the percussive rhythm. Lose yourself in the beauty of sound!

Get your copy via Sirup Music.