VANES's Campaign for Debut Album 'Red Illusions'
VANES's Campaign for Debut Album 'Red Illusions'

Breaking Boundaries and Blurring Genres with VANES’s Debut Album ‘Red Illusions’


Red Illusions” is the debut album from emerging trance house artist VANES.

VANES skillfully melds childhood influences from classical music with a unique blend of trance, melodic techno, house, and tech house.

This album is a deliberate departure from musical norms, offering a fresh perspective on electronic soundscapes by breaking genre boundaries and merging emotional elements from the past with the illusion of the future.

VANES’ brand new album Red Illusions

The journey begins with the album’s title track, “Red Illusions,” a dreamy progressive gem that unfolds with soft arpeggios, setting the stage for an enigmatic progressive trance experience.

The seamless transition into “Transparent” takes a darker and mysterious turn, incorporating cinematic elements and building energy with clean percussions, leading to a progressive, feel-good melodic drop.

VANES introduces vocals in “Hear Me,” a track that starts angelic and dreamy before delving into a darker, minimalistic melodic techno sound.

No Signs” follows suit with a piano synth-driven introduction reminiscent of Eric Prydz, culminating in a powerful blend of percussions and synth lines that make it a true gem of the album.

VANES Red Illusions
VANES Red Illusions

Taking a deeper and darker turn, “In Your Body” transports listeners to the dark underground clubs of Berlin. The hypnotic and metallic drums deliver a sense of mystery, creating a unique atmosphere that distinguishes this track.

The only collaboration, if we would like to call it like that, on the album, “Lose Yourself” features his own alter ego JVRDY. It introduces hard, almost big-room electronic sounds on the drop, injecting a burst of energy into the overall narrative.

Want To Fly” moves the album into the techno-house direction with cinematic and melodic lines, seamlessly blending various genres.

Closing the album is “Way Home,” leaving listeners on a poignant note with deep-plucked melodies and an angelic vocal flowing into a minimal but effective drop.

The artist: VANES

VANES, the mastermind behind the project, founded it in 2020 while exploring the unique sounds of deep progressive trance. The project’s evolution was fueled by a desire for expression, with the intention of revealing it to the world. VANES’s sound is a highly recognizable and impulsive mixture of trance, progressive house, techno, and the incorporation of classical instruments.

As a debut, “Red Illusions” positions VANES as a visionary artist with a unique musical perspective. The album’s seamless blend of genres, emotional depth, and sonic innovation make it a compelling listen for electronic music enthusiasts.

VANES is undoubtedly on a trajectory to become one of the most promising artists in the European dance music scene, and “Red Illusions” is a testament to the project’s potential impact on the electronic music landscape.