Christian Löffler releases new single “Roused”

Electro heavyweight Christian Löffler's new single features Malou. It is also the first song from his upcoming album, "A Life"

Christian Löffler
Christian Löffler

The new track ‘Roused‘ by Christian Löffler is the first song from his upcoming album, A Life. It combines forceful, aggressive, and dreamy sonic musings.

Löffler’s strong beats are eased by Malou’s laid-back singing style, which is yet full of emotional energy. The tune climaxes with vocals, drums, and stimulating spine-tingling textures. It erupts in sentiments of liberation and excitement. Löffler gives us a glimpse into his inner world with ‘Roused.‘ Impulses and desires are balanced by a thoughtful disposition and an ever-present, delicate taste of nostalgia.

Christian Löffler - Roused (feat. Malou)

Roused is Löffler’s brand new single, which will be part of A Life, his brand new album

Roused marks a new beginning for me. It captures the transition into a more positive, hopeful sonic realm. It symbolizes the awakening of a sound that has resided within me for a long time but has seldom been employed in recent times. – Christian Löffler

Löffler‘s new album “A Life” questions the role of AI in music and his own creative career. The German producer never shies away from delving into issues that others might avoid. His music is undeniably formed of a passion for his art, and this humanity can be felt throughout his work. His latest single, Roused, is no exception.

Christian Löffler life and his musical vision

Löffler‘s life has always revolved around creativity. This was mostly true during his adolescent years when he experimented with art and later music. Growing up in Graal, a lovely German outpost on the Baltic coast, surely influenced his work, whether consciously or unconsciously. His distinctive craftsmanship, as well as his proclivity to reflect on his life and surroundings, are his greatest assets.

I wanted to forget the idea of polishing or perfection and really just make something very human, with passion, impulsiveness and even mistakes. With the new album, I wanted to free myself completely from all possible structures or rules. I was coming back to my roots and my teenage times when creating the music was all about having fun and nothing more. – Christian Löffler

Malou talks about his collaboration with Löffler

Malou is a singer-songwriter announcing a new era of what it means to be a modern artist in this world, with a style characterized as “Electro Pop with an edge.” Her work is highly genuine and self-taught on the piano and guitar. She is always discovering new methods to approach the intricacies of human emotion through song. Malou’s determination to succeed is clear as she travels the world to chase her ambition and possesses talent far beyond her 24 years.

Music is my means of expressing emotions and defining my personality. It’s an act of self-discovery – as a person and as an artist – Malou

Working with Löffler was an obvious partnership after collaborating with the likes of Oliver Koletzki and Joris Delacroix. She has proven that the best music can connect not only audiences with listeners but also collaborators.