Camelphat x AU/RA - Panic Room
Camelphat x AU/RA - Panic Room
Camelphat x AU/RA - Panic Room cover

Camelphat comes back with a new remix for AU/RA’s song, “Panic Room”

Camelphat, a very powerful British duo known for producing some of the most heard and played tracks all around the world, decide to remix 15 years old singer AU/RA‘s song Panic Room, out now on RCA Records Label.

The amount of words, accomplishments, and appearances we’ve heard and seen of them is enormous: their Grammy nomination for one of the most known tracks from the past year, Cola, their presence on some of the most renowned and frequented clubs and festivals all across the globe, and, of course, the characteristic innovative feeling, the haunting beauty on their melodies and the effectiveness on their music, are a few of the pieces that conform the Camelphat duo.

Mike Di Scala & Dave Whelan are always staying active and showing the entire dance music scene how its possible to create innovative and interesting sounds for the dancefloors; from beautiful melodies and atmospheric sounds to dark and explosive tech-house tracks, their artistic minds know how to perfectly leave their recognizable sounds in each one of their productions.

Camelphat’s awaited remix for singer AU/RA is out now on RCA Records Label.

This new majestuous production surrounds its concept itself on the delicate and dazzling voice from AU/RA. Pads creating ethereal atmospheres, joining with the thump of a warm kick and the rhythm of slight hi-hats, all of them giving the vocal a path, somewhere to go. While the synthesizer stars rising up, all of the elements give space to the appearance of a full enveloping drop that captures the essence of progressions through its percussions and deepness on its bass and sub frequencies. All these elements are being led by a brass sound which defines the main melody of this section.

After this, the vocals take over the second break, getting a more melodic development this time, joining with the brassy sound of the drop. All the elements now building up to something special, adding a unique element, a sound that we all can remember from one of the most known tracks of the past year: the offbeat rolling synth of Cola, but this time, joining with the beautiful melodies of an emotional and reflective feeling concept.

Below, you can listen to this wonderful track: