Anyma "Genesys" album
Anyma "Genesys" album

Anyma’s “Genesys” – Bridging Real and Virtual Realms Through Sound

An ethereal journey through soundscapes that seamlessly blend the real and virtual worlds, Anyma‘s debut album “Genesys” is a masterful creation that captures the imagination and propels electronic music into new dimensions.

Crafted by the visionary Matteo Milleri, known as one half of Tale Of Us, “Genesys” is a testament to the artist’s ability to craft intricate melodies, hypnotic harmonies, and immersive sonic landscapes.

With 14 tracks, including 6 exclusive new tunes, the album is a sonic odyssey that takes the listener on a profound voyage.

Anyma’s “Genesys” debut album

Eternity: The Cosmic Prelude

The album commences with “Eternity,” a track that sets the tone for the entire journey. This opening piece feels like a cosmic prelude, introducing listeners to Anyma’s signature blend of melodic techno and dreamy harmonies. It’s a sonic invitation to embark on a transformative experience, teasing the listener with what lies ahead.

Welcome to the Opera: The Fusion of Talents

An early highlight of the album is the collaboration with the enigmatic Grimes on “Welcome to the Opera.” This track is a marriage of two distinct artistic visions, seamlessly blending Grimes’ ethereal vocals with Anyma’s intricate electronic production. The result is a hauntingly beautiful composition that transcends genres and showcases the power of creative collaboration.

Anyma GENESYS with Grimes at Tomorrowland 2023
Anyma GENESYS with Grimes at Tomorrowland 2023

Chordial: A Dreamlike Tapestry

Chordial” introduces the listener to Anyma’s ability to weave intricate sonic tapestries. Plucked melodies dance above a bed of dreamy synths and hypnotic harmonies, creating a sense of introspection and wonder. This album-exclusive track captures the essence of Anyma’s sonic identity, pulling listeners deeper into the album’s immersive universe.

Samsara: Melodic Techno Bliss

One of the most anticipated tracks, “Samsara,” features the enchanting vocals of Sevdaliza. Here, Anyma masterfully blends melodic techno lines with Sevdaliza’s mesmerizing voice. The result is a fusion of rhythmic energy and dreamy vocals, intertwining to create a track that’s both invigorating and contemplative. The accompanying custom visuals enhance the experience, captivating the audience’s senses.

Save Me: Global Sensation

Save Me,” featuring Cassian, has become a global sensation, its vocals resonating across dance floors worldwide. This track’s infectious energy and hypnotic beats make it a standout moment on the album. It’s a testament to Anyma’s ability to create music that transcends borders and cultures, uniting listeners through the power of sound.

Walking With A Ghost: Haunting Elegance

Delhia de France lends her stunning vocals to “Walking With A Ghost,” a hauntingly elegant track that captures the essence of the ethereal. Hypnotic synths and heavy beats serve as the foundation for de France’s emotive voice, creating a sonic landscape that’s both mysterious and captivating.

Genesys: The Virtual-Real Fusion

Throughout “Genesys,” Anyma demonstrates a clear intention to fuse the real and virtual worlds through music. The album’s sonic palette transports listeners to alternate realms, where reality blurs with imagination.

Each track, carefully curated and meticulously produced, feels like a portal to a different dimension, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the immersive experience.

Closing Thoughts: Anyma Genesys album

Anyma’s “Genesys” is not just an album; it’s an experience. Matteo Milleri’s creative vision has birthed a sonic masterpiece that transcends boundaries and genres. From the cosmic opening of “Eternity” to the mesmerizing finale of “The Pact,” the album takes listeners on a transformative journey.

With its blend of melodic techno, dreamy harmonies, and immersive visuals, “Genesys” is a testament to Anyma’s ability to shape soundscapes that bridge the gap between the tangible and the intangible, the real and the virtual. As electronic music continues to evolve, Anyma’s debut album stands as a shining example of its boundless potential.