John Digweed
John Digweed

John Digweed presents 4-disc compilation ‘Quattro Artists’

John Digweed, a well-known DJ and producer, makes a triumphant return with Bedrock Recordsthird edition of the four-disc album compilation “Quattro.”

Continuing the format of his previous compilations, John Digweed has cherry-picked some of the imprints’ most talented producers in an effort to deliver an exclusive blend of original, genre-bending tracks from the likes of Tokyo’s unique deep house and techno producer Satoshi Fumi, sci-fi techno Spanish duo Lopezhouse, Paris-Native house artist Captain Mustache, and techno powerhouse Quivver. Each disc showcases Digweed’s curation and track selection skills as it delves into the distinct sounds of the four artists. Bedrock Records has released “Quattro Artists” on digital and CD.

Quattro Artists” brings to the forefront some of Digweed’s most promising talents, giving each artist a platform to expand upon their 2021 contribution to Bedrock Records, and marks the end of a jam-packed year of releases for Digweed’s imprint. The 43-track compilation album, which proves Digweed’s expert ear for what’s new in electronic music, takes listeners on a journey through the sounds of Quivver’s Revelate, Captain Mustache’s Indigo Memories, Satoshi Fumi’s Mysterious Phenomenon, and Lopezhouse’s Apollo.

Quivver’s 10-track LP Revelate kicks off “Quattro Artists,” immersing listeners in the upcoming cinematic experience. Revelate combines raw intensity with rhythmic, high-energy techno sensibilities, making it ideal for late-night dancefloors. Indigo Memories, Captain Mustache’s love letter to Detroit techno, follows, with its expansive electro-production showcasing a fusion of dark and light sounds. The album, which is rife with heavy synths, dark drums, soft vocals, and warped instrumentation, exudes a contagious fire and prepares fans for the next disc. Satoshi Fumi’s Mysterious Phenomenon is a modernized and resonant take on deep house, techno, and acid that combines influences from early 1980s electronic and 1990s house. Rounding out the compilation is Lopezhouse’s 13-tracker Apollo, which features ambient textures and brooding synths, channeling a cathartic ending for both “Quattro Artists” and Bedrock Records’ year of releases.

Digweed’s latest release with “Quattro Artists,” a testament to the label’s prowess and the artists he champions, is an unforgettable offering to the world of electronic music. The 43-track compilation LP builds on Bedrock Records’ reputation as one of the world’s most popular electronic labels. Fans can look forward to embarking on a sonic journey through the lens of tastemakers Quivver, Satoshi Fumi, Lopezhouse, and Captain Mustache, which is now available on