SIZE Records welcome Pretty Output and Daniel Etienne

In the span of a couple of weeks, Steve Angello's imprint SIZE Records drops two brand new tune, Daniel Etienne x H. Kenneth ‘Your Love’ and Pretty Output ‘Something U Said’ (ft. Fractures)

Steve Angello SIZE Records
Steve Angello SIZE Records

The celebrations for the SIXE XX anniversary aren’t over! Steve Angello’s imprint has released two brand-new singles in the last couple of weeks.

Pretty Output – Something U Said (ft. Fractures)

Pretty Output is back with their sophomore hit, “Something U Said.” This deep house masterpiece exhibits the unique blend of intricate workmanship and sonic exploration that has swiftly established these Stockholm locals as a name to watch in the electronic music world.

Lio had crafted a synth loop that deeply resonated with me. On a cold winter night in 2022, that very loop became the cornerstone of ‘Something U Said’. In our quest for the perfect vocal match, Fractures emerged. Interestingly, it was the raw, unfiltered emotion of the demo vocals that felt just right, becoming an integral part of the final version. – ED of Pretty Output

But who exactly is the Pretty Output duo? Lionel and Edvin, childhood pals, went on a musical odyssey that began in their Stockholm bedrooms. Pretty Output was born from their collaborative enthusiasm and never-ending experimentation. Following their debut single, ‘Do You Hear Me?‘ on Steve Angello’s SIZE Records, “Something U Said” is a continuance of their pledge to offer unmatched musical experiences. This single is only the beginning of an exciting sequence of releases planned for 2023, culminating in a highly anticipated debut EP in December.

Pretty Output’s fundamental goal is to elicit undiluted joy. Their compositions attract listeners into vivid emotional landscapes, constructing tales that straddle both lyrical narratives and pure melodies. They entice their audience into yet another gripping story with “Something U Said,” raising expectations for their future undertakings.

Daniel Etienne x H. Kenneth – Your Love on SIZE

With their latest masterwork, “Your Love,” Daniel Etienne and multi-genre maverick H. Kenneth are primed to expand the boundaries of Deep House.

“Your Love” is a high-energy dance anthem that captures the warm feeling of being deeply and passionately loved. This dynamic track is a sonic celebration of love’s euphoric power, with pulsating beats, infectious melodies, and great vocals that convey the joy and ecstasy of being cherished. With SIZE Records as our launchpad, we’re crafting a legacy. – Daniel Etienne

Daniel Etienne‘s roots in Guadalajara’s thriving electronic scene catapulted him to dizzying heights. He gathered accolades not only for his own style but also for altering the electronic soundscape. His presence in the scene is palpable. He played at events such as EDC Mexico and Amsterdam Dance Event. Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, and Afrojack are among the industry heavyweights that are bringing his sounds to a global audience.

H. Kenneth, a force in his own right, adds an avant-garde edge to this collaboration. Kenneth weaves genuine emotion and electrifying intensity into every note as he travels from Wyoming’s vistas to Nashville’s musical heartbeat and now out of Los Angeles. His solo work has received over 50 million streams, while his co-written gems include pieces for international sensations such as K-Pop’s SEVENTEEN.

Your Love” is a testament to Daniel Etienne and H. Kenneth’s forward-thinking talent. They push limits, break norms, and create soundscapes that linger.