Your favourite Ibiza party is back on the island: Circoloco at DC10

CircoLoco Announces 25th Anniversary Ibiza Season: April 29 - October 14 at DC-10, celebrating 25 Years as a Champion of the Global Underground

CircoLoco 25th Anniversary Ibiza Season DC10
CircoLoco 25th Anniversary Ibiza Season DC10

Today, Ibiza institution Circoloco announces its 25th anniversary season. The events will return at DC-10 from April 29 to October 14.

Circoloco is still one of the most important groups in underground electronic music. Circoloco started as a Monday night party in Ibiza in 1999. Since then, it has grown into a worldwide music brand and way of life. They bring together the most brilliant people in art, fashion, and entertainment. Its simple style and cutting-edge artists have kept the underground vibe of its Balearic roots alive for 25 years.

If you think about Circoloco at DC-10 as just another party, you couldn’t be more wrong. Circoloco entered the pop culture a long time ago. They flooded into the fashion culture with their underground innovative brand. Circoloco is where Ricardo Tisci first heard the Martinez Brothers before booking them to soundtrack Givenchy shows. At DC10 Virgil Abloh was inspired to design a capsule collection for the Circoloco brand. Circoloco at DC10 is a safe haven where household names and high society stars can lose themselves on its dancefloor.

Circoloco now spaces from fashion to music to even video games. The brand has an ongoing collaboration with Rockstar Games, the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) brand software house. It led to the founding of Circoloco Records, serving as a far-reaching fusion between the virtual and physical worlds of music and entertainment.

25 years in the making, Circoloco will continue to define underground music this summer

In the late 1990s, Circoloco started out as a small, free party on Monday mornings at the famous Ibiza club DC-10. Since then, founder Antonio Carbonaro has seen the brand grow quickly into fashion, design, and recording, becoming one of the most important and recognizable names in club culture.

Individual lineups for the 2024 season will be released in the coming months. As is typical for Circoloco, revelers can expect the unusual. Avant-garde artists have always played together with Ibiza faves. Acts like Shygirl, Actress, and Romy, who don’t play on the island very often, share the stage with artists like Seth Troxler, Rampa, Peggy Gou, and many more who credit Circoloco with helping them get started in their careers.

Circoloco has put on shows for decades in places like New York, Miami, London, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, and Phuket, to name a few. This summer, partygoers on the White Isle can expect the usual mix of unity, acceptance, cutting-edge sound, and great selection.

Tickets via DICE.