Protocol Vibes Miami 2019 EP

‘Protocol Vibes – Miami 2019 EP’ includes 5 new tracks for your MMW

Protocol Recordings unveils Five Fresh New Tracks Ahead of Miami Music Week with "Protocol Vibes - Miami 2019" EP ft. Nicky Romero, Marco Santoro, Funkybeat & More.

You know how it works: Miami, Ibiza, and Amsterdam, the three annual EP that Protocol unveils before the hottest weeks for the electronic music industry. This year is no difference! With ‘Protocol Vibes – Miami 2019 EP’, Nicky Romero has decided to showcase 5 new tunes from the lights of Marco Santoro, Funkybeat and more.

‘Protocol Vibes – Miami 2019 EP’ contains 5 new Protocol tunes from long-time Protocol veterans as well as young newcomer ready to take over the mainstages with their music. Experience a forward-thinking selection of both classic and new within the EP. Relive Protocol’s original progressive sound with Marco Santoro’s remix of Nicky Romero’s “My Way” (ft. Alice Berg) and Timmo Hendrix & Lindequist’s “Thinking About You,” then experience fresh, funky, booty-shaking house with Charles B & VCTRY’s “Bring It Back,” “Spread Love” from Manstrastic & Rechler, and Funkybeat‘s “LMS.”

The EP was released with a track a day during last week, until Friday when ‘Protocol Vibes – Miami 2019 EP’ has been officially dropped. The “Miami 2019” EP leads up to Protocol’s main event of the week, label head Nicky Romero’s mainstage performance at Ultra Music Festival on Friday, March 29th. Make sure to catch it in person or via the live stream!

All the five tunes, as well as the complete ‘Protocol Vibes – Miami 2019 EP’, are available for the stream and the download. You can check here or below to get a taste of the Miami vibes you should expect this week.