Have a look at the Ultra Music Festival 2024 Mainstage

Walk with us around Bayfron Park discovering the works and the state of the constructions of Ultra Miami mainstage

Ultra Music Festival main stage construction works 2024 via everythingultra
Ultra Music Festival main stage construction works 2024 via everythingultra
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If you happen to be around Downtown Miami and Bayfront Park, a cacophony of construction sounds could be the first thing you hear. This is because the Ultra Music Festival is one week away and construction works at the mainstage and other various stages are in full force.

The metallic clanging of crews assembling towering stage structures, the whir of power tools, and the intermittent blasts of music testing the phenomenal sound systems can be heard all around Bayfront Park. It is organized chaos, a symphonic overture heralding the imminent arrival of one of the world’s premier electronic dance music festivals.

The 2024 Ultra Miami mainstage, RESISTANCE and Worldwide

The iconic Ultra mainstage, a towering testament to the festival’s grandeur, is being meticulously lifted into place. The unmistakable logo shimmered under the Florida sun, a beacon for electronic dance music enthusiasts worldwide. Ultra Music Festival 2024 mainstage constructions are underway.

From the first pictures we are able to gather the main theme, even on the RESISTANCE stage, is triangles. The main stage LED walls are mainly triangles with a massive LED wall circle in the middle. At the moment it seems quite empty but it will be completed in no time.

But the main stage is just one movement in this grand composition. To my right loomed the menacing frame of the RESISTANCE megastructure, a brooding giant that promised a no-holds-barred assault on the senses. Every element exuded an aggressive industrial vibe.

Nearby, the RESISTANCE megastructure and Worldwide stage stood tall, their imposing forms promising an unparalleled auditory experience. LED walls are being mounted with precision, ensuring a visual spectacle to complement the sonic odyssey that awaited.

The Festival

From March 22nd to the 24th, Bayfront Park would transform into an electronic dance music mecca.

Ultra Music Festival 2024 is already sold out.

The lineup promised a stellar cast of artists, each one poised to leave an indelible mark on the festival’s legacy.

More photos and videos from the festival ground will be posted in the next few days. In the meantime, if you’re looking for the nearest hotel to Ultra Miami, we have you covered.

Ultra Music Festival’s mainstage mastermind also explained to us the magic behind the designs.