Music/Crypto art pioneer Space Yacht announces third NFT collection

After a series of sold-out drops, Space Yacht is set to roll out a new collection on Nifty Gateway on Monday, March 8 at 4 PM PT/7 PM ET

Space Yacht Iconography Collection Volume II NFT Nifty Gateway
Space Yacht Iconography Collection Volume II NFT Nifty Gateway

Global party brand Space Yacht is dropping their third NFT (non-fungible token) collection, “Iconography Collection Volume II,” on Monday, March 8 @ 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET via Nifty Gateway. Industry pioneers in the movement towards the digital art realm, Space Yacht was one of the first dance music brands to get into the NFT space, dropping multiple collections in past months on Nifty Gateway that sold out in a matter of minutes. Space Yacht’s upcoming NFT collection will dive further into their own world of crypto-memes bringing back familiar characters including the Twerk Skeleton and Crypto-Smiley who were featured in previous NFT drops. How crypto are generated tho? Every digital currency can be earned via cryptocurrency mining.

We’re starting to see NFTs as a new form of story telling and expression for our brand, – says Space Yacht co-founder and DJ LondonBridge. – Part of the fun of NFTs is the idea that you can string themes and storylines across multiple pieces or collections.

The Space Yacht Iconography Collection II expresses an evolution of core themes of Space Yacht inspired by the iconography of rave culture, including smilies, Space Yacht’s signature peak-of-the-party pizza runs, animated pills, twerking skeletons, and nihilistic prophecies like “WE ARE SO F☻CKED.” The iconography pays homage to a special Space Yacht tradition that takes place at every event, when founders pass out free slices of pizza on the dance floor at 1 a.m.

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All the animated works are done in-house by creatives who connected at the live events, and each NFT features original animations as well as original music composed by LondonBridge.

“My goal is to write music to elevate the visual component and the overall experience of the artwork. As with all of our NFTs, the animation comes first and then I compose a track specifically for each NFT. We purposely don’t release the tracks on streaming platforms which makes the music itself highly rare and collectible.”

Before the pandemic hit last year, Space Yacht had been throwing 150 shows around the world annually. When Covid-19 kneecapped the event industry, the international party brand transitioned into the digital realm by launching a record label and entering the crypto-art space. Last summer, they opened a door of creativity for their brand with their first NFT collection, at the time the fastest-selling NFT on Nifty Gateway with over 230 pieces sold in 2 minutes and 28 seconds. Some crypto collectors have already cashed in early on previous Space Yacht drops, reselling pieces on Nifty Gateway for up to 15 times the original price. Crypto collectors can buy arts using Ethereum or Bitcoin. You can even buy bitcoin cash without having to use an online exchange.

Their second collection, called Space Yacht Iconography Collection, hit the market just before Christmas 2020 and sold out in just 3 minutes — the highest-grossing Space Yacht campaign of all time. Since then, Space Yacht NFTs have appreciated at least five times their value since being released.

Space Yacht’s Iconography Collection Volume II drops March 8th on Nifty Gateway.