generate music AI
generate music AI

You can now generate music with AI just typing

Loudly, a generative AI music platform, has announced the release of its new API

Loudly, a generative AI music platform has announced the debut of its new API, which allows other businesses to incorporate Loudly’s technology into their offers.

Loudly’s API enables social media networks, music streaming services, ad agencies, game developers, and others to effortlessly and at scale incorporate AI-generated music.

This API allows users to produce high-quality music spanning more than a dozen genres, customize their tunes intuitively, or request professionally created music from the Loudly collection by asking AI for assistance in choosing the perfect track.

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Thanks to Loudly’s new API, GenAI music may now be found everywhere; generate musi simply just typing words into a prompt

Anyone will be able to create and curate the right soundtrack for their social video and other visual material, as well as remix existing sounds as much as they like, inspiring creativity among businesses, entrepreneurs, and music fans who are new to audio creation.

Loudly‘s AI Music Generator can generate over one billion variations based on genre, mood, energy level, and duration. Loudly has allowed anyone to make fresh new music with only a few prompts and clicks, thanks to its AI-powered technology and a library loaded with over 200K high-quality, human-made samples, and is now welcoming partners to do the same.

Generative music should be available to many more people across platforms, including social media, music streaming, video creation and mixed-reality gaming. We’re seeing huge demand across a range of verticals from companies that want to integrate AI music into their existing services. Now, there’s an API for that! – Rory Kenny, Founder and CEO of Loudly

A generative music service with a focus on high-quality sound has packaged numerous fascinating AI capabilities into one API.

Loudly’s API provides the capabilities necessary for partner services to offer a variety of additional features. It can build and change tunes in seconds, modifying everything from mood to song structure to BPM. It can provide users with access to thousands of tracks from Loudly’s previous repertoire as well as hundreds of thousands of human-crafted sounds. It can apply audio effects to stems (individual instrument and vocal lines that comprise a recorded track) and master the results for incredible audio quality. It might suggest the best image for audio or the best audio for photos. All music is licensed globally for a variety of uses and is free of copyright violation.

Audio is the final frontier in the massive creative explosion we’ve seen thanks to generative AI. Though making music has gotten easier, it’s remained much more challenging than creating cool videos or images, for example. Loudly is bringing the tools to more and more places where people will finally be able to make music just as easily as shooting a photo. They will be able to do more with music. – Kenny

AI generated music
AI generated music