1001Tracklists reveals Top 101 Producers of 2023

1001Tracklists reveals Top 101 Producers of 2023
1001Tracklists reveals Top 101 Producers of 2023

1001Tracklists’ Top 101 Producers is a highly anticipated annual ranking that showcases the most influential and prolific figures in the electronic dance music (EDM) industry.

This list serves as a testament to the creativity, talent, and dedication of the individuals who continue to push the boundaries of electronic music.

It highlights the artists who have made a significant impact on the industry by producing tracks that resonate with both DJs and fans, ultimately making waves on dancefloors worldwide.

Each year, the Top 101 Producers ranking reflects the cumulative amount of unique DJ support for tracks played from October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023. The list encompasses a diverse range of musical styles, genres, and backgrounds, highlighting the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of electronic music.

How the Ranking Is Counted on The 1001Tracklists Top 101 Producers

The process of determining the Top 101 Producers ranking is a meticulous one, designed to offer a fair representation of an artist’s influence in the EDM world. Here’s how it works:

  1. Data Collection: 1001Tracklists, an invaluable resource for DJs and fans, compiles data from an extensive catalog of DJ sets and tracklists. These sets are sourced from live performances, radio shows, podcasts, and more.
  2. Track Support: The ranking is primarily based on the number of times an artist’s tracks have been played by DJs in these various settings. This includes both established legends and rising talents who have garnered attention and support from the DJ community.
  3. Time Frame: The ranking considers track support over a specific period, from October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023, providing a snapshot of an artist’s impact within that timeframe.
  4. Cumulative Data: 1001Tracklists accumulates data and meticulously counts the number of times each track by a specific artist is played in various DJ sets, helping to identify the most influential producers.

The Top 101 Producers ranking is a reflection of how frequently an artist’s work is played, and it offers insight into which artists are dominating the global electronic music scene during the specified period.

It serves as a valuable resource for fans, DJs, and industry professionals alike, highlighting the artists who have successfully created tracks that resonate with audiences around the world.

The ranking: The highlights

15. Sebastian Ingrosso

Sebastian Ingrosso marks a legendary return to the list, securing the 15th position. As one-third of the iconic Swedish House Mafia, Ingrosso has left an indelible mark on the electronic music world.

12. Fred Again..

Fred Again.. has made an astonishing leap, gaining an impressive 72 positions since last year. His incredible journey in the industry showcases his commitment to pushing boundaries and crafting groundbreaking music.

8. Skrillex

Skrillex, an electronic music icon, occupies the eighth spot. Known for his groundbreaking productions and live performances, he remains a driving force in the world of dubstep and bass music.

7. Steve Angello

In seventh place is Steve Angello, marking a triumphant return to the top rankings. As a pioneer in the electronic music world and a member of the iconic Swedish House Mafia, Angello continues to make waves in the industry.

SIZE x TML EP. Steve Angello Tomorrowland by Nicola Caldognetto
SIZE x TML EP. Steve Angello Tomorrowland by Nicola Caldognetto

5. Mau P: The Highest New Entry

Mau P, in the fifth position, is the highest new entry in this year’s rankings. His innovative style and impressive rise in popularity have garnered him a well-deserved spot among the top producers of 2023. Mau P’s fresh approach to electronic music has resonated with fans worldwide, catapulting him into the top five.

3. Meduza

Meduza, securing the third spot, has gained 43 positions since the previous year. The Italian trio has demonstrated their mastery in the realm of deep and melodic house, with tracks that have swiftly become modern classics. Their innovative approach to music production and their ability to capture the essence of emotion in their compositions have earned them a well-deserved place in the top ranks.

2. Anyma: The Meteoric Rise

Anyma‘s meteoric rise to the second position is a testament to his exceptional talent and unique approach to music production. This year, Anyma gained an impressive 20 positions since last year, signifying his growing impact on the industry. His innovative sound has resonated with electronic music enthusiasts worldwide, securing his place among the top producers of 2023.

Anyma GENESYS Buenos Aires
Anyma GENESYS Buenos Aires

1. David Guetta

Starting at the summit of the list is none other than the iconic David Guetta. The French maestro is no stranger to the number one spot. Year after year, he continues to maintain his dominance over the electronic music world, with an ever-evolving sound and a consistent ability to stay ahead of the curve. His remarkable achievements include unforgettable tracks and electric live performances that showcase his enduring influence on the EDM scene.

The Future Of Dance 2023: A Movement of Empowerment

Released alongside the annual Top 101 Producers rankings, the Future of Dance 2023 marks the third year that 1001Tracklists is publishing this crucial list.

The Future of Dance is a collection of 101 Female and POC (People of Color) artists who have played a monumental role in the dance music scene over the past year. Born as a response to the industry’s ongoing lack of representation and empowerment, this initiative is far more than just a list; it’s a powerful movement designed to inspire change within the dance music world.

The Future of Dance spotlights remarkable talents who have been instrumental in shaping the music landscape and ensuring diversity and inclusivity. This list reflects the commitment of these artists to break barriers, inspire others, and promote a more equitable industry. Each artist on this list contributes their unique flair and creative spirit to the EDM scene, proving that music knows no boundaries.

In a rapidly evolving industry, the Future of Dance stands as a testament to the progress that is being made and the work that still lies ahead. It’s a beacon of hope, an acknowledgment of excellence, and a testament to the fact that the dance music world is ever-expanding, inclusive, and continuously pushing the envelope.

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