Woo York Echoes From Beyond Afterlife
Woo York Echoes From Beyond Afterlife

Woo York debuts with first EP on Afterlife ‘Echoes From Beyond’

Minimal, clean, and dark beats flow alongside the main melodic synth bringing you a perfect journey through the realms

Ukraine duo Woo York make their solo debuts on Tale Of Us’ Afterlife with the 4-track EP Echoes From Beyond.

Kicking off with the title track, the EP already sets the rhythm and the vibes for the whole EP. Minimal, clean, and dark beats flow alongside the main melodic synth. The infectious melodies perfectly merge together with catchy percussions to collide with a progressive plucked theme on the drop. Echoes From Beyond is the perfect opening track for the EP that continues with Dancing with the SirensThe track goes deep into the depths of the soul mixing a dark hypnotic main theme with cinematic elements and ambient sounds; it feels to be in the middle of an ancient temple who knows where. On the same system, Minimalism delivers, together with even more minimal beats, acid elements. With triplet pulses, dense basslines, and a cosmic atmosphere this 3rd record opens the door for Echoes From Beyond finale. Starting with a hypnotic arpeggio rapidly enriched by an angelic melody, Epilogue brings you in a parallel universe. The narcotic beats and soothing harmony make the tune an eyes-closed epic to end the release on a high.

Even if Echoes From Beyond is their debut EP on Afterlife, Woo York is not new to Tale Of Us’ imprint. Having debuted with Poseidon on the first-ever Realm of Consciousness, the duo returned with the official remix for Tale Of Us single Distante. You may also remember the duo on last year Realm of Consciousness IV as well as on last month’s Unity compilation.

Woo York Echoes From Beyond is out now worldwide both in digital and physical copy. You can buy or download via this link. Stream available below.

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