Zedd presents ANTIPODE, an NFT collection with fvckrender and Gabe Damast


Zedd unveiled the last two pieces of his 6 parts collection ANTIPODE together with fvckrender and Gabe Damast that will be available as an NFT via Nifty Gateway (check here).

The hype around the NFT word seems to not slow down as more and more artists continue to embrace this new technology. But, what’s an NFT? We have explained in a very detailed article but, to be short, is a digital token that ensures you’re the only owner of a thing (in this case a piece of art).

Composed of six pieces, ANTIPODE is Zedd‘s new creation together with digital artists fvckrender and Gabe Damast. Announced on the 30th of March, the ANTIPODE collection is composed of six reclusive songs produced by Zedd himself paired with visual content specifically created for the music.

ANTIPODE means “the direct opposite to something” and the idea was for both pieces to live in the same universe but to be directly opposing. – Zedd

Zedd explains that for IMPACT, the first piece of the collection, he created the music first, trying to have a call-and-response themed, dynamic song that Gabe could animate to. The second element of the collection, INVALIDITY was visual first and audio second. The idea was to be frozen in space and time. The hands and diamond felt quite emotional to him. Zedd wanted the chords to feel majestic and moving (because of the spin of the diamond) but yet floating and sparkly.

Following IMPACT and INVALIDITY, Zedd presented RITUAL and RESTED. The connecting on this second part is the mysterious ball in the center. Firstly it’s in a dynamic version-electrified, lit up, and the center of a ceremony to evolve and move in its meditative space. The closer the ball comes to the rose the more the meditation-inspired sound intensifies.

Last but not least, probably the craziest and most wonderful piece of the collection. DIORAMA and DISCREET.

With DIORAMA Zedd wanted this to be a journey where you feel truly connected with each of the rooms you enter. Visually, each room of this giant tower is a different world. Zedd wrote and produced the song all with one sound but once Gabe created the different rooms he, explains, changed all the sounds for each of them to really match the audio to what you see. They wanted to change music genres/emotions all within one short piece. Towards the end, instead of just observing the rooms the two decided to actually enter one of them and for that, Zedd dropped all instruments and orchestrated the piece so the music theme continues but feels entirely new.

DISCREET is the counterpart to DIORAMA. It lives in the same “sun set / pink sky” universe and has the faces in it but floats in a meditative state and is meant to be feel like the opposite component. While DIORAMA is insanely dynamic and practically changes every few seconds, both visually and on the audio side, DISCREET is, as the name suggests, very discreet and careful while remaining this majestic, spiritual vibe throughout. – Zedd

ZEDD x Fvckrender x SILLYGABE present: ANTIPODE, 6 original pieces of music and art. The NFT dropping TUESDAY, 4/6/21 at 4 pm PST //7 pm EST on Nifty Gateway.