Flymeon Randomize

Flymeon delivers electro upbeat monster ‘Randomize’

Electronic vocal, hard-hitting beats and wide and energetic synths bring you in a ‘Randomize’ world thanks to Flymeon

French electronic music is more alive than ever; today we bring to your attention French talent, DJ and producer Flymeon with his ‘Randomize’ EP. The EP features 5 tunes but, we want to focus our attention to ‘Randomize’ itself.

Firstly released on June of the last year, with the EP dropped this March, ‘Randomize’ finally receive sits official music video only this week.

Talking about the tune, with its dark, analog and upbeat vibes, ‘Randomize’ features everything you’re looking for in an electronic tune. If you want a comparison, ‘Randomize’ perfectly merry with Steve Angello’s HUMAN album in terms of musical genre.

Flymeon started producing the tune back in 2016, thinking about the randomness of life.

 ‘Randomize’ is a feature on some synthesizers that allows you to come up with a random set of parameters, resulting in a random sound.  I found that this is a beautiful image for life. You never really know what you’re doing, and where this will take you. So just press Randomize.

Flymeon’s music is somewhere between techno, electronica, and progressive house. It’s often led by hyper-saturated synths that remind wild guitar riffs played by a bunch of longhaired metalheads. Flymeon currently lives in the Philippines and takes a lot of his inspiration from his country of residence and also from his travels.

The record, which is out now worldwide, features also a stunning video clip you can find below.

You can download Flymeon’s ‘Randomize’ as well as the whole EP here.

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