Halina Rice presents ‘New Basis’ EP

Halina Rice
Halina Rice
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Halina Rice is an AV artist and electronic musician who creates emotive electronic music ranging from intriguing soundscapes to beat-driven pieces.

Her live shows have been described as “part-rave, part-art-happening” by audiences in the UK and around the world.

This collection of deep soundscapes and dance-oriented compositions is encapsulated in the EP NEW BASIS released through AWAL.

Rice reveals that the music and images for this new album are primarily about contrast and collision. “There are long harmonic progressions in an electronic style that have the feel of a classical composition. The tunes are created using multi-layered percussion, which is generally drawn from foley recordings but is combined with detuned synths and sampling.

The images mirror the musical mix between classical and experimental, organic and inorganic. Rice collaborated with visual artist Freny Antony to create a movie based on 3D scans of natural items for the eponymous lead tune.

The scanned data was effectively altered, changed, and distorted. Freny and I were experimenting by reproducing these artifacts and discovering new forms that we found interesting as being both unexpected and elegant. – Halina Rice

The EP’s tracks will be launched live this autumn at London‘s iconic Village Underground, with a UK tour planned for Spring 2024.

These concerts represent the pinnacle of Rice’s work over the last year as an ‘immersive-first’ artist, generating immersive audiovisual experiences.

My main focus is to present compelling, emotive, and innovative music and visuals in order to move the audience beyond their day-to-day experience. I want people to leave the shows feeling inspired.

The EP NEW BASIS will be released on September 29th by AWAL and will be available on all streaming platforms.

Halina Rice’s immersive live set and AV will be performed at Village Underground on Tuesday, October 3rd; Nottingham, Rescue Rooms on Thursday, October 12th; and Edinburgh, Summerhall on Friday, November 17th, with a UK tour to be announced in September.