Third Party unveil “Believe,” Martin Garrix ID from Ultra Miami

Third Party
Third Party

With the release of Third Party‘s new song “Believe,” festival season just got a huge booster shot.

Third Party wanted to make a happy, festival-ready hit, and that’s where the idea for “Believe” came from. Even though the beats were heavy and the melodies were beautiful, they knew that the instrumental needed a great singer to take it to a whole new level.

Here come Raffie and Madeline, two incredibly skilled singers and songwriters. The two wrote the song’s original uplifting vocal hook and words, drawing on feelings of hope, determination, and self-belief. Their performances in the studio were great for the upbeat vibe Third Party was going for.

But the members of Third Party are unwavering perfectionists who won’t be happy with their work until it has all the energy and feeling they can get out of it. The singers Raffie and Madeline were great, but they knew they needed one more voice—one that could cut through any concert sound system and hit music fans right in the heart.

Nuala was the only person who could answer. The singer’s raw power and intense performance can’t be beat. Third Party looped her into the session, and she gave a fiery performance that went well with what Raffie and Madeline had already done. The emotional impact of Nuala’s input was amplified by its catchy nature.

Martin Garrix played the first listen of “Believe” at the Ultra Miami set, giving fans a sneak peek at the new single. The song quickly sent the crowd crazy.

The Ultra tease and months of waiting paid off, and now “Believe” is here as a summer smash hit for all time.