AIROD ‘Blackout’ EP is his debut on Charlotte de Witte’s KNTXT label

Four hot and new techno tracks from Parisian artist AIROD have seen the light on Charlotte de Witte‘s unstoppable KNTXT label.

AIROD is known for making music that is strong and powerful. The French DJ and artist is one of the few who takes the techno scene around the world to new heights. He started his career in Paris and has been showing off his ability to get warehouses on fire all over the world for years. He has taken that same energy and put it into his own label, Elixyr. With this great new EP, he once again moves forward with his own powerful brand of techno.

I wanted to share with you the memories that I’ve gathered from each continent I discovered the past few months. This EP will take you on a melodious yet ultra-punchy journey and transcribe all my travels & feelings from these recent times. Each track brings a different flavour to the listening experience, a path between hard-hitting bangers, heavy melodies and breathless energy. A surprising twist is hidden in each tune that I hope will not leave you indifferent. Just like the EP’s cover, which embodies the sensation of before and after listening. – AIROD

The first part of “Blackout” starts with beats that are cranked up to 110% and synths that sound like laser shoots across the dance floor. A female voice gives the impressive track some human feeling.

The drum funk in “It’s Just A Dream” is urgent and fast, and there are more flashing synth loops that add light to the dark grooves.

The haunting lead floats above the drums in “Wind Breaker” giving depth to the tune. Trance energy is also featured in the mix, and the vocals that are mirrored keep things sounding futuristic.

Balaclava” is the toughest track, with heavy, steely drums and more eerie vocals than the others.

I’ve been following AIROD on his musical path for a while now. I was very pleased to get more connected to him and to start working on this absolute masterpiece of an EP. – Charlotte de Witte

AIROD on KNTXT is a great mix of two of the most creative dance acts working together right now.