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Nicky Romero presents new single ‘Myriad’

Nicky Romero Reinvents His Club Sound By Debuting New Style

Techtronic” and “Myriad,” are currently available on his own Protocol Recordings, which is commemorating its tenth anniversary this year, mark Nicky Romero’s premiere of the darker and more club-oriented side of himself.

With deep throbbing basslines and a strong kick drum focus, the lead track for the new sonic direction feels fitting nicely with its moniker; the catchy vocal riff and edgy drop make this one a legitimate killer in the club. A similar theme is continued in “Myriad,” but with the addition of snares and ethereal vocals, which create an exciting and tribal vibe that will get the crowd moving.

Both records were thoroughly tested by Romero during the summer festival season to fantastic reviews, and they will serve as the foundation for an EP that will be released later this year. From his melodic progressive house days to his underground Monocule alias and now into the new “Techtronic” and “Myriad” era under Nicky Romero, he is never one to get complacent.