Oliver Heldens pays homage to Shantel with ‘Bucovina 2023’

oliver heldens
Oliver Heldens by RUKES

Oliver Heldens and Shantel have collaborated to give the German DJ and producer’s hit tune from 2008, “Bucovina,” a fresh new sound with their collaboration.

Shantel is a well-known artist who is known for DJing, remixing, and combining traditional Balkan music with electronic beats. Her original version of ‘Bucovina’ transformed the 1930s calypso classic ‘Black But Sweet’ by prominent calypsonian Wilmoth Houdini into a masterpiece in the style of Ukrainian folk vs. Balkan music, which became a hit in the dance music scene in Europe.

Now, Oliver Heldens and Shantel have collaborated to convert “Bucovina” into a contemporary dance sensation. The song includes an irresistible signature Heldens bassline that mixes perfectly with the main theme while also giving off some hot Latin house vibes. This song serves as a reminder that despite the fact that summer is coming to a conclusion, there is still plenty of sweltering heat to go around.

Bucovina 2023,” a collaboration between Oliver Heldens and Shantel, will be accessible on September 1 across all platforms.