SIZE Continue the XX Celebrations with Two New Songs

SIZE Records Unleashes Dancefloor Fire with "Do My Thing" and Kryder's Electrifying Remix of "Valodja

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size records legacy logo

SIZE Records unleashes two explosive tracks: “Do My Thing” by Thomas Newson and Novak, blending tech and bass house, and Kryder‘s remix of Steve Angello & AN21‘s classic “Valodja.” Both tracks are part of part of the ongoing SIZE XX Celebrations.

Kryder presents his remix of Steve Angello & AN21’s classic “Valodja

As a part of the ongoing SIZE XX Celebrations, SIZE Records is proud to premiere the newest remix of the classic song “Valodja” by Steve Angello & AN21, performed by the explosive Kryder. Kryder, who is known for blending upbeat beats with vivid rhythms, gives this classic new energy and transforms it into a masterpiece of house music.

The remix had its debut at the prestigious SIZE XX event in Stockholm and has since become popular on dance floors all around the world. This rendition has received support from Steve Angello and Kryder, who have both promoted it and shown the world its energizing energy. The remix by Kryder, which further cemented the song’s status as a festival anthem, gave it its greatest boost when it was released during Tomorrowland.

The remix of ‘Valodja’ embodies the essence of SIZE Records, our history, and the future we envision. Kryder’s vision aligns perfectly with what AN21 and I had in mind when we first created this track. We’re excited to see it once again light up stages and inspire audiences worldwide. – Steve Angello

Kryder about the remix

Kryder’s rendition of “Valodja” is flawlessly driven and energetic, enhancing the song while remaining loyal to its origins. Fans of the original will welcome Kryder’s new perspective as he skillfully incorporates modern house features into this cherished classic.

It has been an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to update such an iconic record from Steve Angello & AN21. I’m a huge fan of the guys and loved the original release. My version tries to keep the original flavor which I loved but injects some 2023 Kryder energy with pumping and rolling bass, teasing builds into energetic drops and house drums. – Kryder

Thomas Newson and Novak team up for “Do My Thing”

A powerful collaboration between Thomas Newson and Novak titled “Do My Thing” is the newest offering from SIZE Records. This tune is set to become a staple club song because it expertly combines the dark undertones of bass house with the explosive rhythms of tech house.

The vocal hook that drives “Do My Thing” is so addictively catchy that it draws listeners in from the very first note. The song’s catchy bass hook emphasizes the artist’s unmatched talent for creating songs that not only connect with listeners but also get people moving on the dance floor.

Thomas Newson and Novak about the record

SIZE has played a pivotal role in my life. While some people grew up with the Beatles, I was immersed in dance music. Even as a 10-year-old, I was already listening to tracks from SIZE and Steve Angello. My dad, Marco V, frequently played Steve’s records and those from SIZE. Steve even remixed Benjamin Bates’ track “Whole” back in 2004. Benjamin has been collaborating with my dad for over 25 years. Given this background, it’s no surprise I became acquainted with SIZE at such an early age. I’ve achieved quite a bit in my career, but a release on SIZE was always on my bucket list. Now, I’ve finally accomplished that too! – Thomas Newson

This exciting track, which is a part of the historic SIZE XX celebration, has already caught the eye of influential people in the field. “Do My Thing” was featured in a recent BPM take over mix by SIZE Records founder Steve Angello, who alluded to the song’s impending success.

This release ‘Do My Thing’ is so special to me! Since I started making dance music back in 2016 Steve Angello and SIZE have always been one of my inspirations. I’ve been doing my thing during these years, and now I’m ready to join the legendary community and bring the groove back on this release together with Thomas Newson! – Novak