LP Giobbi Femme House Vol. 2 Celebrates Women’s History Month

LP Giobbi
LP Giobbi

Together with Insomniac Records, dance music superstar LP Giobbi‘s nonprofit, FEMME HOUSE, drops the new 14-track compilation Femme House Vol. 2 today in honor of Women’s History Month.

I am honored to celebrate Women’s History Month with the release of Volume 2 of the FEMME HOUSE Compilation on Insomniac. Only 2% of producers are female, and this compilation highlights some of my favorite female and gender-expansive producers/artists that are changing the game right now. – LP Giobbi

Femme House Vol. 2 has only female and female-identifying artists on it. They include LP Giobbi, mini bear (FEMME HOUSE Chief of Education and synth-pop artist), Mary Droppinz (dancefloor queen), Baby Weight (inclusion champion), the rising sister house duo Lisbona Sisters, and more. “You can’t be what you can’t see,” LP said. That’s why FEMME HOUSE has been her top priority project since it began.

With this release, FEMME HOUSE stays true to its mission. It plans to continue to give a voice to underrepresented groups through classes, activations, panels, and pop-up events in 2024. FEMME HOUSE and Insomniac Records will have a pop-up at Homage Brewing Chinatown in Los Angeles on March 7. Mary Droppinz will play a “soundcheck” set, and then Robyn Balliet will meet and greet guests and play DJ. Guests will be able to enjoy a special Jasmine Rice brew that is inspired by “FEMME HOUSE” while they are there.

For the second year, FEMME HOUSE is also taking part in Miami Music Week. On Friday, March 22, at W South Beach, there will be an interesting teaching panel with leaders in the field. More information will be shared early next week.

But, what’s FEMME HOUSE?

FEMME HOUSE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization launched in 2019 by LP Giobbi and HERMIXALOT. Its goal is to make music more fair by boosting the views of women, femme, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC creators.

FEMME HOUSE is removing the historical barriers to entry into the music business by offering education, scholarships, mentorship, community, and visual representation.

They are also making the system fairer by giving future creators and executives from disadvantaged backgrounds more power.

Since its start in 2019, FEMME HOUSE has taught more than 10,000 aspiring artists through free classes and online assignments.

In 2023 alone, 35 sessions reached over 4,000 people.