SQWAD return on IN / ROTATION with ‘Bring It Back’


Having debuted on the Insomniac’s imprint in March, SQWAD duo is back on IN / ROTATION with a catchy new single Bring It Back.

Bringing back their feeling-good house vibes, Bring It Back kicks off with a super bouncy and charming main theme, paired with an infectious rolling ryhtyhm. The clean baseline and that vocal-melodic sound perfectly flow together to the breakdown, where cinematic and environmental sounds make you feel like to be in the middle of a tropical island. The sound of the sea and the soft breeze merge to the contagious bouncing ryhtyhm for a tune that could be really become a hit this summer.

As explained before, Bring It Back marks the second installment for SQWAD on IN / ROTATION. Earlier this year they’ve dropped Everyday, a more techy and housy tune, for the deeper and darker clubs. With the summer season at the doors, the duo has injected their iconic funk-flecked and shimmery nu-disco groove with an infectiously positive vibe.

The duo is not new to the big house music panorama; they’ve been predominantly banging it out in the bass house space with releases on Confession, Night Bass, Divided Souls, Monstercat Bite This, and more.

SQWAD new single Bring It Back is out now via Insomniac Recordings‘ division IN / ROTATION. You can stream below or download your copy here.