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Styline debuts on Pornostar Records with ‘One Time’

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Styline is back in a big way with some proper pumping Power House. Marking his debut release on PornoStar Records with a full-on club banger, ‘One Time’ uniquely adds in funky and deeper groove elements to build the tension on top of a driving techy bassline in what is a can’t miss dance floor filler.

Quickly following up on the release of the groovy, bassline driven ‘Move‘, Styline is taking things to another level with ‘One Time‘.

His debut release on Pornostar Records marks his return to some peak time Power House music, as Styline describes:

“The track itself is more of a club-friendly, full on pumping track with a big buildup. ‘One Time’ uses a lot of vocal and sound samples kind of in a call and response fashion. While they may seem kind of random, they fulfill a purpose to keep things funky and set an atmosphere. Maybe it’s a sound that feels more deep house or more techy, but it keeps things interesting and it all comes together to form a proper Power House track.”

With a release on InStereo only a few weeks ago, and another release coming soon on Whore House, “One Time” sees the continued spread of Styline’s sound onto more and more established labels.

“I’m super happy to release on PornoStar, it’s been one of the most dominant labels in the Funky and Groove House categories for years. Although it may not be a typical release for their label, as they usually go much more in the funky, disco direction, I’m really excited to bring a track out with them more in the driving tech house and Power House direction. Can’t wait to see how it does!”

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