Styline showcases his brand new remix of Kryder and HIIO ‘La Luna’

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]After an incredible year, Styline lands into Kyteria Records with his remix of Kryder and HIIO ‘La Luna’. Part of the ‘God Save The Groove Vol. 1’, the remix is one of more than 30 new exclusive tunes of the EP.

The Power House producer has injected his signature sound into the original tune; more energetic sounds enrich the original tribal vibes, giving a refresh to the record. Define by Styline himself his best remix so far, this new version is perfect for inflating the dancefloor.

Styline jumps into Kryder’s new Kryteria imprint with his remix of the boss’ and HIIO ‘La Luna’

The remix wasn’t an easy task for Styline because of the very restricted deadline. Nevertheless, he has done an incredible work, refreshing an iconic groove track, without removing its essence.

The thing with really successful tracks that have had a big impact on the original artist’s career is that you need to live up to this standard. Also there was little time so I really wanted to make sure we kept some of the original vibe that was so successful for a reason, but give it the Power House twist that people would expect from a track of mine. That combo gave the original a 2018 revamp that Kryder and a lot more people are able to play today! – Styline

In addition to the amazing work on the remix, Styline joined Kryder on his first Kryteria showcase: he was part of the God Save The Groove boat party during Amsterdam Dance Event. The label showcase was absolutely mind-blowing and you can now re-live it, as well as Styline performances, on our Mixcloud and Instagram. Styline remix is part of a ‘God Save The Groove Vol. 1’ mixed by Kryder. Two more parts are available, respectively mixed by Cato Anaya and Simon Kidzoo.

Styline remix of Kryder and HIIO ‘La Luna’ didn’t go unnoticed. Kryder premiered it back last June and, since then, he played it on almost every single gig. Names such as Dannic, Nicky Romero, kid Massive and more have already supported the track. You can now hear and download it below.[/vc_column_text][vc_video link=”” align=”center”][/vc_column][/vc_row]