Edu Imbernon Los Suruba Balear

Spanish maestro Edu Imbernon teams up with Los Suruba on ‘Balear’

The four-tracker, perfectly splitted in two originals and two remixes, is available via Last Night On Earth

Valencia-based DJ & producer Edu Imbernon, one of the most revered Progressive and Deep House producer in the scene, has joined forces with fellow countrymen Los Suruba on a delightful deliver on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth, adroitly titled ‘Balear.

The title track is the one committed to opening the dances, and ‘Balear is perfect for that purpose, with its’ deep, intriguing and trippy melodic shape. The majestic breakdown stirs you up before re-dashing you again into that magic atmosphere, now reinforced with brasses and back melodies. Track two is Mehari, which keeps on walking the same path sketched by the opening track, but it’s definitely more evocative and dreamy; its’ incredible breakdown skyrockets the listener into space, before dragging him back to Earth with a delicate yet dancefloor-worth drop, which gradually increases intensity with airy, spacey atmos.

On the flip side, we find two harder takes from Hyenah and Fell Reis. The first draws out his typical Afro House sound to radically empower the danceability of ‘Balear’, yet shrouding some of the magic of the original. Brazilian-born Fell Reis, on the other hand, carefully retouches Mehari’ by adding some more percussive elements and morphing its’ shape.

Edu Imbernon & Los Suruba’s ‘Balear’ EP is available now for streaming everywhere; download is a Beatport exclusive.