lkf project tongue tied bog remix

LKF Project’s “Tongue Tied” is ATLANT’s latest majestic release

BOg's own ATLANT label welcomes the LKF Project trio with "Tongue Tied," a unique and memorable series of vocal tracks that cross genres.

Romanian native BOg is steadily forging his reputation as a DJ, producer, label owner and artist with tremendous taste, style, integrity and execution. Currently based in Paris, his unique musical vision creates special dance-floor moments across the globe every weekend, whether it’s through his DJ sets that take audiences on a real journey, or through his music featuring regularly in playlists of renowned peers and DJs at the forefront of the underground scene. His record label, ATLANT, launched in 2017, has already managed to make itself a name thanks to high-quality Melodic House and Techno releases from both new and established musicians.

ATL026 takes us to the warmth of spring with a sumptuous vocal courtesy of innovative French trio LKF Project, the combined vision of Adrien and Marc Antoine (aka Villanova) with Michel Saurin. The package includes very special remixes by Edu Imbernon, Innellea and BOg.

Tongue Tied continues ATLANT’s mission to find unique and memorable vocal tracks that cross genres to provide those special club moments. You can expect to hear much more of LKF Project as they build on a fine debut for Agoria’s Sapiens label with classy studio mastery, analogue instrumentation, soothing lyrics, beautiful strummed bass and soft seductive tones. ‘Tongue Tiedembraces you with warmth, emotional depth and just the right measure of sugary goodness to be sweet to the taste, making you yearn for more.

ATLANT also is proud to welcome aboard Edu Imbernon. A true pioneer with his originals, Edu is also a complete master at the art of remixing. From The XX’s ‘Crystalised’ to BOg’s ‘Shila’, Edu always adds new dimension and perspective. Here he’s re-imagining harnesses the emotional vox while adding a fresh flowing groove. Impeccably judged melodic layers hang in the air, as Edu leads you to an imperious and poignant breakdown before letting the bass wash over you. Perfect for a special terrace set in the full glow of summer.

Ausberg/Munich duo Innellea have come a long way since their ATLANT debut ‘Napoleon’ became a core part of sets by Tale Of Us. This led to EPs on Afterlife, Adana Twin’s TAU and an appearance on the latest Innervisions Secret Weapons compilation. With a CV like this, you just knew the guys’ remix was going to be killer. Innellea turn ‘Tongue Tied’ into a simmering, vibrant, percussive gem as they extend the lyrics across the track. Thrashing echoed lines become ever more urgent before an addictive hook now takes over as the club waits to erupt.

Closing out the EP is the label’s head honcho. On receiving the raw demo BOg immediately had a personal vision for this release and just knew he had to remix ‘Tongue Tied’. With maturity in approach, BOg weaves one of his magical sonic journeys, at first teasing with a solitary repeated arp as the unique vocal takes centre stage before adding deep bass pules and elegant layers. The track builds almost subconsciously, drawing the listener in deeper, entrancing you with the purest of melodies, before gently ebbing away as the beats ride out… making you lost for words.

LKF Project’s “Tongue Tied” is now available for streaming and downloading on every platform. You can purchase your Beatport copy via this link.