Boris Brejcha
Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha drops new album ‘Never Stop Dancing’

It’s the follow-up to his 2020 LP Space Diver and now marks his 10th album release

Boris Brejcha, the masked legend, has released his highly anticipated new album Never Stop Dancing, which will be released on November 26th, which is also the masked legend’s birthday.

Never Stop Dancing is a twelve-track album that includes five singles released throughout the year. The first track is ‘Spicy,’ which combines driving snares and delicate piano chords with Boris’ real-life partner Ginger’s fleeting vocals. She makes several appearances throughout the album, beginning with the July single ‘Take A Ride,’ a meticulously refined techno cut centered around euphoric breakdowns and a pulsating bassline, and continuing with the impulsive, rhythmic techno of the title track, Boris’ most recent single.

House Music,’ a collaboration with London pop trio Arctic Lake that pairs feelgood melodies with high-pitched vocals, and ‘Twisted Reality,’ which features the kind of euphoric breakdowns only the German maestro could pull off, are two more singles to look forward to.

Ginger’s vocoder vocals reappear on tracks like ‘State Of Mind,’ which features haunting, brooding synths, and ‘Underworld,’ which features potent, trance-inspired big room energy, before the steady kick drum thumps and emotional breakdowns ensure Never Stop Dancing ends on a moving note.

Boris, one of the most hardworking artists in the electronic world, has already released three EPs this year, ‘Vodka & Orange,’ ‘Matrix,’ and ‘EXIT,’ and is set to release his critically acclaimed album Space Diver in 2020.

Brejcha burst onto the scene in 2006 with the release of the Monster and Yellow Kitchen double EP. Since then, he’s spent years developing his own style of music, which he’s dubbed ‘High-Tech Minimal.’

Never Stop Dancing is a diverse, dancefloor-focused collection of tracks from an artist who continues to push himself with each release.