Charlotte de Witte makes history closing Tomorrowland mainstage

For the first time ever a female techno artist will close the legendary mainstage at Tomorrowland on Sunday

Charlotte de Witte Tomorrowland 2022
Charlotte de Witte Tomorrowland 2022

Techno worldwide legend Charlotte de Witte has spent the last ten years making a name for herself as one of the techno scene’s most in-demand musicians. She is planning to be the first female techno DJ to perform during the closing set on Tomorrowland’s main stage; she is also curating a stage for her own imprint, KNTXT.

This is a historical and pivot moment for techno music in general. In the last few years, we have seen an increasing interest in underground music, with artists such as Charlotte de Witte selling out arenas with more than 30.000 capacity.

Iconic female techno artist Charlotte de Witte to close Tomorrowland’s main stage for the first time

Charlotte de Witte has been able to break the crystal ceiling of an industry majorly run by men. She’s not only one of the few underground artists to play the most iconic electronic music festival in the world but also the first female artist to close the iconic mainstage (playing actual techno).

She is also hosting her own stage, KNTXT, with artists from her music label. Talking about female artists, Amelie Lens is also hosting her own EXHALE stage at Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland festival will live stream this pivotal moment from 11:50 PM local time.

About Charlotte de Witte

Her status as a pioneer in the global rave movement is confirmed by the fact that Charlotte de Witte’s distinctive style can be heard in the music of many contemporary techno artists in addition to her meticulously crafted productions and DJ sets. A high-profile residency at BBC Radio 1 and prestigious awards, including Best Techno at the DJ Awards in 2019 serve as honorary validations of Charlotte de Witte’s dedication. But what really motivates her is her unrelenting quest to push both her and electronic music’s boundaries. Charlotte de Witte plans events, releases music, and curates radio programs through her boutique label KNTXT. Within a thriving and constantly developing techno scene, KNTXT stands for purity, strength, and progression.