Echonomist presents new album ‘Secret Places’

The Greek producer’s synth-driven sound shines bright on his latest LP


Echonomist‘s synth-driven productions have frequently strayed into the realms of electronic pop. The Greek producer takes this a step further on his latest full-length release, Secret Places, which has been released on Innervisions.

Secret Places, which features guest artists Alexandros Miaris, Avangart Tabldot, and Nadia Ali, exemplifies Echonomist’s unvarnished and open-eared approach to songwriting. The album weaves together foggy ambient, high-energy techno, and iridescent indie-electronica to create a prismatic universe of varied textures and crystal-clear melodies.

Echonomist, actual name Petros Manganaris, who christens his Secret Places with an introduction tonic, adds that music can transport us to a state of happiness where the “noise” of modern life dissolves. ‘A Sunday Morning (Intro)‘ is a beatless ambient interlude composed of warm throbbing synths and a gritty granulated mist that slowly peters out, paving the way for a burst of low-end.

The second track, ‘A Different Frame,’ pairs Petros Manganaris with the trio Avangart Tabldot and multi-instrumentalist/composer Alexandros Miaris—frontman of London band Electric Litany—who lays his pearly falsetto vocals over a finger-snapping groove, snaking bassline, and fizzing synths.

I immediately fell in love with his voice since then and I always wanted to collaborate with him and connect our music worlds! Every track I did with him it felt like a ceremony,” he says. “Each time he sent me something new, I felt like the skies had opened and his voice was the vehicle to connect with something divine.

Alexandros rises to new heights on three more Secret Places tracks, including the melancholy indie saga ‘When In Rome,’ which is both frail and cinematic in scope. On the alluring title track, he compliments the analog ’80s allusions that precede percussive affair ‘Empty Hours,’ and brings the album’s fundamental premise home. ‘Secret Places‘ is an electro-burnished jewel with a pop heart that exists on the border between indie and dance.

On ‘Crabby Equipment‘, Echonomist plunges deeper into the ’80s for a noodly synth-wave stopover, before paying respect to one of his musical heroes on album standout ‘High End‘. It’s a collaboration between two of his influences: the late great fellow Greek Vangelis Papathanasiou, who “deeply influenced” his work and the Detroit techno behemoth. This collaboration may be heard in the track’s raw drumming and cosmic synths.

Falling Head‘ was created during a studio session in So Paulo and features the seductive voice of award-winning singer Nadia Ali.

The chopped vocals and the vocal itself inspired me and hit me in a way that I almost finished the track in five hours. Kristian (Ame) took a very important role for this track as his notes made the track more solid and accurate for the dancefloor.

Finally, with its calming synth line and audio sample, the ending track ‘Unchain Melody‘ gives a perfectly emotional payoff.

The Greek maestro Echonomist epitomizes the term “artist.” His prolific production, capacity to experiment with a variety of styles, and unconstrained approach are all important aspects of his artistic character.

In recent years, labels such as Innervisions, Afterlife, Kompakt, and TAU, among others, have signed and supported his music. Working with such renowned companies has not only raised his visibility, but has also proved that his musical ability has reached an excellent level, as recognized by label heads such as Dixon, Ame, and Tale Of Us.

Echonomist’s skill shines through both solo and collaborative endeavors, and his crowded tour schedule is sure evidence of just how esteemed he has grown.

Things have really picked up for the Greek maestro on the road, with him traversing the globe to spin at clubs and festivals across Europe and the rest of the world. Among many others, he has performed at Zamna (Tulum), Hi (Ibiza), Caprices Festival (France), Fabric (London), Tek Support (New York City), Space (Miami), Stereo (Montreal), Mayan Warrior (Burning Man), AHM (Beirut), Alemagou (Mykonos), and Audioriver Festival (Poland).

Secret Places follows Echonomist’s EPs Modern Wonder (2020) and Get Closer (2021) for Hamburg label TAU, 2021’s ‘Panic Attack‘ feat. Jenia Tarsol on Afterlife, and Innervisions EPs Virtuality (2020) and Night Versions (2021), as well as collaborations with WhoMadeWho for their Synchronicity project on Kompakt – not to mention EPs on microcastle and Keinemusik’s sublabel VOD, and

Secret Places, another gem of a record from a prolific and continually growing artist, solidifies Echonomist as a prominent talent in the electronic field.