How Much Items, Food and Drinks Really Cost at Coachella

Exploring the Price Tags of Food, Drinks, and Merchandise at the Iconic Music Festival


Coachella, one of the most anticipated music festivals of the year, is not just about the music and the fashion. It’s also about the food, drinks, and merchandise that festivalgoers indulge in during their time at the iconic event. However, as many festival veterans know, the prices at Coachella can sometimes be steep, and it’s important to be aware of how much items really cost to avoid any budget surprises.

In this article, we will delve into the prices of food, drinks, and merchandise at Coachella 2023, providing a breakdown of what festivalgoers can expect when it comes to their pocketbook.

Food Prices at Coachella 2023

How much food costs at Coachella 2023? Food is an essential part of the Coachella experience, but the prices can be eye-opening. Festivalgoers often encounter a wide range of food options at Coachella, from mouth-watering sandwiches to delicious pizza and other enticing treats. However, the convenience of eating at a festival comes at a cost, and proper seating can be limited, resulting in many festivalgoers eating on the go or on the ground. Let’s take a closer look at some examples of food prices at Coachella:

Fried Chicken Sandwiches and Pizza

One popular food option at Coachella is the fried chicken sandwich, which typically costs around $17, plus tip. While it may be tasty, festivalgoers should be prepared for the messiness of eating a sandwich that can fall apart easily in a festival environment. Another option is pizza, with slices ranging from $11, with a wait time of up to 30 minutes. Various toppings may be available, such as cheese, pepperoni, jalapeño, veggie, and vegan options, but the long lines can be overwhelming.

Grilled Cheese and Other Sides

Grilled cheese is another option for festivalgoers, with prices ranging from $16. However, some may find the offerings disappointing, with limited toppings and mediocre bread. Sides such as onion rings or crinkle-cut fries may also be available, but with prices ranging from $12 to $14 and the lukewarm serving temperatures, they may not be the best bang for the buck.

Coachella 2022 foods and prices:

  • Fried Chicken Sandwich: $17 plus tip One of the tastier options available, the fried chicken sandwich at Coachella is delicious but messy to eat. It tends to fall apart easily, making it challenging to enjoy fully in the festival setting.
  • Pepperoni Pizza Slice: $11 with a 30-minute wait time Pizza is a popular choice at Coachella, but the long lines can be daunting. The price for a slice of pepperoni pizza starts at $11, and other toppings like jalapeño, veggie, and vegan veggie may cost extra.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich: $16 While advertised as “loaded grilled cheese,” the toppings available may be limited to bacon or tomato at an additional cost. The standard grilled cheese sandwich is served on mediocre bread and may not be toasted all the way through.
  • Onion Rings or Crinkle-Cut Fries: $14 or $12 Sides at Coachella, such as onion rings or crinkle-cut fries, are pricey with prices ranging from $12 to $14. However, the condiments like ranch and hot sauce are typically included without extra charges.
  • Chicken Tenders: $17 Basic but satisfying, chicken tenders are served with crispy french fries and can be a popular choice among festivalgoers.
  • “Sumo Dog” with Wasabi Relish: $13 Japanese-inspired hot dogs with unique toppings like wasabi relish and spicy mayo are available at Coachella for around $13 per dog.
  • Orange Chicken Bowl: $17 For those craving Chinese cuisine, an orange chicken bowl with white rice can be enjoyed at Coachella for $17.

Drink Prices at Coachella 2023

How much do drinks cost at Coachella 2023? Staying hydrated and energized is crucial at any festival, and Coachella is no exception. However, the prices of drinks at Coachella can also be quite steep, with some examples as follows:

Red Bull Vodkas and Water

Red Bull vodkas, a popular energy drink and alcohol combo, can be found at Coachella for a steep price of $20 per drink. Water, a basic necessity for staying hydrated, may seem relatively affordable at $2, but it can still add up if festivalgoers need to purchase multiple bottles throughout the event.

Lemonade and Coffee

For those looking for non-alcoholic options, lemonade with ice can also be found at Coachella for around $10. Additionally, coffee lovers may be in for a surprise when it comes to the prices of their favorite caffeinated beverages. Oat-milk lattes, a popular choice, can cost as much as $15 each, and even a basic cup of black coffee may set festivalgoers back $10 or more.

Coachella 2022 Do Lab stage
Coachella 2022 Do Lab stage

Merchandise Prices at Coachella 2023

How much merchandise costs at Coachella 2023? Merchandise is a significant part of the Coachella experience, allowing festivalgoers to take home a piece of the event’s memories. From t-shirts and sweaters to posters and other memorabilia, Coachella offers a variety of merchandise options. However, festivalgoers should be prepared to shell out some cash for these souvenirs, as prices can vary significantly. Here’s a closer look at some examples of merchandise prices at Coachella 2023:

T-shirts and Sweaters

T-shirts are a popular choice among festivalgoers, with prices ranging from $55 to $60 per shirt. These shirts often feature unique designs and graphics related to Coachella, making them a desirable keepsake for many. Sweaters and crewnecks, perfect for cooler evenings at the festival, can cost even more, with prices ranging from $130 to $250. These prices may vary depending on the design, material, and exclusivity of the merchandise.

Posters and Other Memorabilia

Posters are another popular item among Coachella merchandise, with prices ranging from $30 to $175, depending on the size and design. These posters often feature the festival’s lineup, artwork, or other iconic images associated with Coachella. Other memorabilia, such as keychains, pins, and stickers, may also be available at lower price points, ranging from $5 to $20, providing more affordable options for festivalgoers who want to take home a smaller memento.

Disclaimer: Prices mentioned in this article are based on previous editions of Coachella and are intended to provide a general idea of the costs associated with food, drinks, and merchandise at the festival. Please note that actual prices for Coachella 2023 may vary and are subject to change. As the festival has not yet taken place, specific prices for the current year are not available at the time of writing. We will strive to update this article with the most current prices as soon as Coachella 2023 begins and accurate information becomes available. It’s always best to check the official Coachella website or other reliable sources for up-to-date pricing information to plan your budget accordingly.