Ajunadeep Debuts Open-Air Shows In South Africa | Lineup

Anjunadeep South Africa 2024
Anjunadeep South Africa 2024

Anjunadeep’s debut trip to South Africa features two remarkable events: Anjunadeep Open Air Johannesburg and Anjunadeep Open Air Cape Town. With a lineup blending international stars like James Grant and Ben Bohmer with local talent, it promises an unforgettable fusion of melodic beats and stunning landscapes.

  • Anjunadeep Open Air Johannesburg:
    • Date: Friday, March 29, 2024
    • Venue: River Club, Johannesburg
    • Address: 35 R114, Nietgedacht 535-Jq, Roodepoort, 1747, South Africa
    • Doors Open: 12 PM
    • End Time: 1 AM
    • International Lineup: Ben Bohmer (Live), Jody Wisternoff & James Grant, Nicky Elisabeth
    • Local Support: Da Capo, FkaMash, Karyendasoul, Buhle, Cornelius SA
  • Anjunadeep Open Air Cape Town:
    • Date: Saturday, March 30, 2024
    • Venue: The Ostrich, Cape Town
    • Address: Ostrich Ranch, Van Schoorsdrif Road, Philadelphia, Cape Town, 7439
    • Doors Open: 2 PM
    • End Time: 12 AM (Midnight)
    • International Lineup: Ben Bohmer (Live), Jody Wisternoff & James Grant, Nicky Elisabeth
    • Local Support: Da Capo, FkaMash, Karyendasoul, Buhle, Cornelius SA

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Anjunadeep lands in South Africa with stunning lineup

The famous UK label Anjunadeep is set to go on its first trip to South Africa in March, with two amazing events planned. Ajunadeep Open Air Johannesburg will be the first one. It will be held at The River Cabin in Cedar, Johannesburg, on March 29, 2024. The next event is Ajunadeep Open Air Cape Town, which starts at The Ostrich in Cape Town on Saturday, March 30, 2024.

As promised, Anjunadeep South Africa will combine the label’s signature melodic soundscapes and unmatched production values with the rich tapestry of South Africa’s own talented musicians. This will all happen in two stunning outdoor spaces in the lovely cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Ajunadeep is known for having amazing bands and a unique sound, and their first show in South Africa will be no different. The shows will have foreign stars on the lineup like James Grant and Ben Bohmer. Jody Wisternoff and Nicky Elisabeth, along with the amazing South African musicians Da Capo, FKAMash, Kareyndasoul, Buhle, and Cornelius SA, made this an event that no one will ever forget in the beautiful South African countryside.

Anjunadeep South Africa 2024 lineup poster
Anjunadeep South Africa 2024 lineup poster

Anjunadeep in pills

Above & Beyond started the independent record label Anjunadeep in 2005. It is based in London. During its early years, the imprint was a sub-label of the parent company, Ajunabeats. Ajunadeep used to only put out deep trance and progressive house music. Now it only puts out the best deep house, progressive house, and rhythmic techno.

James Grant, who is brother to Above & Beyond’s Jono Grant, is in charge of A&R for the label. Together with ith Jody Wisternoff, mixes the yearly compilation series. Every week, the label has a radio show called “The Anjunadeep Edition,” which has guest mixes from acts on the roster.

Ajunadeep has been a major force in electronic music for many years. They supported artists such as Ben Bohmer, Dusky, Lane 8, Yotto, Cubicolor, and Eli & Fur.

His long past is filled with sold-out parties at famous places around the world. Anjunadeep: Explorations, the label’s own small event in Dhërmi, Albania, The Gorge Amphitheater, and Anjuna Beach in Goa are just a few of the beautiful places where the unique Anjunadeep magic has been seen.

The label is about to make its appearance in South Africa. The parties will add to its history by captivating people in yet another part of the world.

Get ready to dance under the African sky in Johannesburg and Cape Town with Anjunadeep South Africa’s killer beats!