Groove Cartel welcomes Milani and The Cabas with their ‘Pressure’

Groove Cartel welcomes a high-acclaimed DJ and producer, Milani, 1/2 of the ex-duo Nari and Milani, to the label with his new single ‘Pressure’ in collaboration with DJ duo The Cabas.

‘Pressure’ kicks off with a soft and gentle melody driven by an angelic voice and increasing rolling percussions. With its explosive drop, the record will guide you in an endless magical journey. The mystical vibes of the breakdown, driven by an intense bassline and a mysterious vocal, ‘Pressure’ is an eclectic housy tune you won’t miss.

The track has already received a great response from names such as Yves V, Robbie Rivera, Lumberjack and many other.

Talking about the artists, you surely know Milani; he was half of the duo, Nari and Milani, become famous worldwide thanks to the hit ‘Atom’ on SIZE, constantly used by Swedish House Mafia since the One Last Tour. Unfortunately, the duo split up months ago, but they still have their own record label, WOFF Records where you can find music from the single producers. The Cabas, instead, is a young Swiss duo formed in 2016 who has debuted this year on WOOF with a banging EDIT of ‘What Do You Think?’ on WOOF.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

In exclusive for the release of ‘Pressure’ we sat down with The Cabas for a Q/A.

  • When did you start producing and how your duo has been formed?

We always loved house music, and three years ago we decided to start this journey together making our own tracks, to share our own music with the people

  • How the idea for Pressure has born? And how was collaborating with a professional producer like Milani?

This is not the first time we have worked with Ronnie, and it will not be the last! Working with him is always a pleasure, he’s a huge inspiration for us. Pressure is the result of a Piano House experiment, we love that genre, and we are really satisfied with the result.

  • What are your future plans?

We have a lot of tracks incoming, can’t wait to share them with you! But we can’t say more than that.