Nico de Andrea unveils debut album ‘Love Therapy’ 

Personal stories of unattainable love, struggle, and separation inspired the twelve tracks of ‘Love Therapy’

Nico de Andrea
Nico de Andrea

French musician, DJ, and producer Nico de Andrea is excited to announce the release of his debut album, ‘Love Therapy.’

A sonic melting pot of melodic pop and Afro house with melancholic undertones; Love Therapy’ is inspired by personal experiences of impossible love, conflict, and separation. It also touches on themes of nostalgia, longing, passion, and hope that permeate the twelve tracks. The album explores the different phases of a relationship and the coping mechanisms to get through hard times. From the fragility of ‘One Last Call’ to the darkness of ‘Start The Fire’ to finally finding confidence and peace of mind with ‘Dreamin’ and ‘Million Times.’

With this album, melancholy has a deeper meaning. Amidst a dark period, which saw the loss of his older brother, Nico was separated from his son after Nico and his partner parted ways. Nico sought the studio as his safe space and coping mechanism. He poured emotion into every track he created, exploring each phase of his experience. The result was a collection of tracks collectively labeled ‘Love Therapy‘ that represent the journey he went on, in music.

Nico de Andrea, from playing in vinyl bars to the bigger stage

To some, a debut album might signal the early stages of a career for an artist. But for Nico de Andrea, ‘Love Therapy’ is the culmination of a career spanning almost two decades. The multifaceted talent has been building a career in music since the tender age of 14.

Upon learning how to DJ, Nico went on to become one of a few people in his hometown playing the genre. He was performing in vinyl bars such as the now-closed ‘The Living Room’ in Cannes. His father was legally required to wait for him in front of the bar as Nico was still a minor. The music resonated strongly with the people on the dance floor. Nico was speaking to the people dancing and connected with them on a personal level, setting typical DJ ego aside. This unique approach still stands today despite Nico playing to larger crowds globally in clubs and festivals.

Fiercely inspired by the records that got such great responses in the vinyl bar, Nico started experimenting with layering Afro and Latin rhythms over house records. He also added melancholic piano, resulting in new sounds that would later evolve into his trademark sound. “I was becoming a producer entirely by accident,” says Nico.

Love Therapy is out now

Nico de Andrea’s debut album, ‘Love Therapy,’ was inspired by personal experiences of impossible love, conflict, and separation, including the loss of his older brother and the separation from his son. The album serves as a cathartic journey through melancholy, reflecting Nico’s emotional resilience and artistic evolution.

Love Therapy’ is available today, January 26 on Armada Music