Ralph Felix Kev Holding On To You STMPD
Ralph Felix Kev Holding On To You STMPD

Ralph Felix & Kev ‘Holding On To You’ + Remix on STMPD

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Ralph Felix & Kev debut on Martin Garrix’ imprint STMPD with ‘Holding On To You’, including a special Ralph Felix remix.

Releasing tunes as a machine, STMPD has switched on the turbo for 2019. We have talked about Seth Hills’ release on Friday and, on the same day, ‘Holding On To You’ by Ralph Felix & Kev has seen the light. Spacing from electro-pop vibes to more progressive hard, ‘Holding On To You’ pack contains the original and the Ralph Felix remix.

Starting with the remix, ‘Holding On To You’ kicks off with an uplifting melody and a series of rising percussions that will jump into a high energetic drop focused on the wide and fast bassline and hypnotic melodies. If the original tune fits perfectly for the radio stations and pop-charts, the Ralph Felix remix injects that dose of energy needed to become a real festival anthem as well as a club weapon.

“Holding On To You’ is a great blend of both mine and KEV’s sounds, but I needed a version that worked on the dance floor for my DJ sets and thus the remix was born!” – says Ralph Felix – “I really feel this remix goes back to my roots, progressive house vibes all the way!”

‘Holding On To You’ is another great addition to Martin Garrix’ STMPD catalog became, in the last months, one of the most varied in the dance industry. Ralph Felix & Kev’ new tune is currently available for the stream and download. The original version, released last November features also an amazing lyrics video.